Announcing the 4th Annual Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Finalists

After months of receiving and reviewing entries for our 4th Annual $10,000 Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship, we are so excited to at last be able to reveal the Scholarship Finalists !  Be sure to check out the entries and tell us which one you “Like”.

This year, we have a total of 177 possible contenders for the big $10,000 prize! And don’t forget, we also are giving away an additional $1,000 to the school of the winner.  This is truly a wonderful opportunity for one talented student to help finance their education as well as showcase their artistic abilities.

Certainly, those students who put in time and effort to create and submit an entry whether it be of a Christmas Card, Birthday Card or some other occasion, all share and demonstrate important qualities needed for success in life. They all show initiative and taking responsibility for one’s self and future.

So on March 16, 2011 when we announce the lucky winner, know that each and every one of you who made a sincere effort at creating a beautiful greeting card design should also be congratulated!

Best of luck to all of our finalists!

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