Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Look Back Series – 2011 Winner Interview

Our newest update in the Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Look Back Series is an interview with the 2011 Scholarship winner Whitney Fuertes. We love getting in touch with past winners to see how they are currently doing. In Whitney’s case, she has just finished up her first year at Grand Canyon University and is working part time on campus while volunteering at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital weekly. However, it looked like things might have been a bit different for her if it weren’t for the $10,000 scholarship prize. Check out the interview below to find out just how much the scholarship helped her.

Interview with Whitney Fuertes

2011 Scholarship Winner
2011 Scholarship Winner Whitney Fuertes

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1. How did you hear about the scholarship contest?
I first heard of this scholarship through a website called, when I received an email notifying me about the opportunity.

2. How many scholarships did you apply for?
I have applied to about fifteen to twenty scholarships.

3. What was the idea behind your entry?
My grandparents had called us a lot from Mexico throughout the week asking my family about what we were planning on doing for Three Kings day, and my mom had suggested the idea about drawing an image about it.

4. Did you create the entry specifically for the contest or did you submit a piece you already had?
I did create the drawing specifically for the scholarship.

5. How long did it take to create your entry?
I worked on it for about a week with each day spending two to three hours on it.

6. Does your entry have any special meaning to you?
Yes it does, my Grandma was one of my inspirations when I was younger to draw and create what I loved. She always helped me create drawings before she passed away and learning to draw helped me out so much.

7. Where were you when you received the news that you won the $10,000 Scholarship prize?
I was at home getting ready to go to work when I received the first call letting me know that I had won the scholarship.

8. What was going through your mind when you found out that you won?
The first thing that popped into my head was, “Is this really happening? Did I just really win a 10 grand scholarship?”

9. Who was the first person you told after you found out that you won?
The first person I told was my Mom since she was the person right there with me then I called my Dad and told him what happened.

10. Did you celebrate in any way?
I went out to eat at my favorite restaurant with my family as well as going to celebrate with my best friend and play soccer.

11. Have you recommended this contest to other people you know?
Yes I have, I know a few people younger than me that love drawing and have the talent and potential to create beautiful art work.

12. Did receiving the $10,000 scholarship change your school plans in any way?
Yes it did greatly! I was planning on going to a community college and even considered joining the military since I was struggling at the time and wanted to better myself.

13. How did receiving the $10,000 scholarship help you with your education?
It helped me with paying for a majority of my tuition.

14. What did you use the $10,000 for?
I used it to pay for my tuition and housing.

15. Which school did the $1,000 prize go to?
It went to my high school La Joya Community High School.

16. What was your schools reaction to receiving the $1,000 prize?
They were very grateful and thankful for receiving the money.

17. What are you currently doing?
As of right now I just completed my first year of college, working part time on campus and volunteering at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital weekly.

18. What did you or are you planning on studying in College?
I am currently going to Grand Canyon University home of the Lopes, “Lopes Up!”

19. What are you planning on doing after you graduate school?
My two biggest goals are to be able to travel and help in third world countries and work at the children’s hospital as a registered nurse.

20. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about entering the scholarship contest?
Never give up! Always try and try and don’t forget to create something different something you don’t see normally, something when people see it will think that is something different.

21. Were you always interested in art or design?
I have always loved to sketch and draw random things as a stress reliever since I was younger.

22. How did it feel when you first saw the card produced with your design?
When I saw my drawing as a card I couldn’t believe it, to this day I still cannot believe that something I drew was created into a beautiful card.

23. Do you still have one of your cards?
Yes! My family loved the cards so much that they ordered some.

This concludes our interview with Whitney Fuertes. We loved having a chance to catch up with Whitney and see just how much of an affect the $10,000 Scholarship had on her life. Moments like these really allow us to see just how much this scholarship program means to students and gives us the continued motivation to keep going!

Check back next week when we finish up our 2011 Edition of our Look Back Series with some of Whitney’s favorite cards from our own line!

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  1. Congratulations Whitney and best of luck to you in your future endeavors. Thank you Gallery Collection for publishing this interview. It’s great to put a face and a story to the contest. I am always suspect of internet contests but apaprently this one is legit.

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