Spread Christmas Cheer With Recycled Greeting Cards

We all know it is of utmost importance to show your clients how much you value their business. Sending them Christmas cards is a great first step. What’s an even better way, you ask? How about sending them recycled greeting cards? Why not give the best impression you can possibly render?? When you send out environmentally friendly cards, you are providing an excellent example. With today’s economy, it is super important to reuse, recycle, and be “green” in as many ways as we can. Your clients will not only be impressed; they’ll be extremely happy to know that the person they conduct business with is eco-friendly.

Design 725CS - Vintage Holiday Greetings Card
Design 725CS - Vintage Holiday Greetings Card

The Gallery Collection features many Christmas Cards that are FSC certified or are produced with recycled paper. Some of those cards boast proud symbols of our green ways, such as Design 725CS – Vintage Holiday Greeting Card. In addition, our ink is agri-based ink made from vegetable oils extracted from linseed and soy. Why not take pride in the choice of cards you send out, and choose one that is ecological? Your clients will notice your good taste and be pleased. Better yet, you’ll know you’re taking the right steps to help our fragile environment while showing your clients you care!

10 thoughts on “Spread Christmas Cheer With Recycled Greeting Cards”

  1. I agree with sending your clients a Christmas card saying you value their business, but I’m not into the green hype, I came from a day when being green was gathering all the glass bottles you bought from the local store and returning them to be recycled. We always had green, but did it in different ways. Now you buy a bunch of plastic bottles to go out to be recycled, but do all of them make it to the recycling bin (I don’t think so), getting a nickle back for a bottle was incentive.

  2. I think if you can go green, why not. Every little bit helps and you remember your clients. Its a win win.

  3. I agree with Rebecca – every little bit (hopefully) helps! A few years ago recycled paper used to feel really cheap and you could totally tell it was recycled… as the years go by I feel like advances are being made to improve the qualify/feel of the paper. If you can receive the same quality with recycled paper vs. non-recycled, I say go for the recycled… it couldn’t hurt, right??

  4. I for one LOVE recycled greetings cards you get the best of both worlds in one. You have a recycled material which is good for the earth with beautiful words coming from it. You can’t get better than that.. Keep it UP!!!!!!

  5. I am trying to be as eco-friendly as I can be this year. This is a good option for me and others who are making an effort as well. Thanks!

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