Get Well Cards Let Employees Know You Care

A Get Well card can mean so much to a person in need.  I remember when my father was very ill, one of the only things that truly lifted his spirits was receiving a Get Well card from his co-workers.  His job was his second home, and his co-workers were like his second family.  These get well wishes meant so much to him that they even made him shed some tears when he opened the card.  This was during the few months he was in the hospital and stuck at home after recovering from a stroke.  For months, my father was unable to spell or perform simple math problems. After receiving support from his co-workers, I could see his spirits were lifted.  He was back at work a few months later and able to perform his daily functions as if nothing ever happened.  I 100% believe the Get Well card and support from his co-workers helped him through the healing process.

We have all struggled with our health at one time or another and we all know how it feels to know someone cares.  I have heard many medical experts say that your mental health can be just as important as your physical health when trying to heal from an illness.  There has even been scientific evidence that an improved mental state can speed up the healing process!  So the next time you hear your co-worker is out of work because they are struggling with an illness, maybe it’s a good idea to send them a card.  It will mean the world to them!

12 thoughts on “Get Well Cards Let Employees Know You Care”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I received a get well soon card from my boss and co-workers while recovering from a recent illness and it made a huge impact. It’s so nice to know that your work family cares.

  2. I’ve never sent out a get well card to a coworker before, but I think it is a great idea. One time one of my coworkers got pretty sick, and I didn’t know what to do… I didn’t want to bother her with a phone call because her voice was pretty shot and I thought it would hurt her to talk. I also didn’t want to visit her because she wasn’t feeling well enough for visitors. I ended up shooting her an email to check up on her, but I wish I had thought to send her a get well card instead. I think it would have been a much more heartfelt way to show how concerned I was. Going out of your way to send a get well card to someone shows how much you care… The next time a coworker of mine gets sick, I will definitely send them a get well card!

  3. My job is my second home and it seems I am around my employees more than my own family sometimes. So when one of them is ill, it affects us all. I am the “card giver” and I keep an assortment box of Get Well cards I purchased from The Gallery Collection for just this purpose. I want my employees to know they are more than just an employee and I am thinking about them. Every employee I have given one to has thanked me!

  4. I was recently out of the office for a couple weeks thanks to appendicitis. While I was out, my company sent me a Get Well card and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me smile. A small gesture can go a long way.

  5. I had a surgery done when I was at one of my previous jobs and they sent me a wonderful card that I still have and that was in 2006. I thought it was so nice and I was out for a whole week and I was worried that I was out of the office and God forbid my job was in jeopardy. What a relief when I received that card from my management telling me – we miss you and if you need anything please let us know.

  6. After 2 surgeries, I really felt quite low. I had enjoyed great health all my life and was so discouraged to be in recovery for several weeks instead of a few days as the doctor had promised. Then a card arrived signed by all the staff from the office. It truly brought sunshine into my day. It was nice to know that I am valued as a person not just as an employee. When I returned to work I felt like I was truly appreciated for what I brought to the company AND for who I am as an individual.

  7. I was one day surgery, it was no big deal but I was still out of work for a week and I was surprised by all of the get well cards my co- workers sent me. It really meant a lot.

  8. I always make a point of sending Get Well cards to friends and family – what a wonderful idea to send them to co-workers. Great little pick me up for when you are under the weather or recovering from something more serious

  9. If my company sent me a get well card, it would mean so much to me. A little note could brighten someone’s day who is going through a difficult time.

  10. That’s a nice way of looking at it – your card can actually help your coworker get better. I know that whenever I’m sick, it’s always nice when people ask how I’m doing or offer to do me favors. I think I like being surprised with some comforting food the most. If I was an employee that suffered from a serious ailment, knowing that my coworkers and employer care enough to send a card would definitely make me feel a lot better. It’s always nice to know that you are not forgotten!

  11. The work place is like a second home. At time I feel as if I know my co-workers better than my other friends. In the spirit of togetherness, I agree with sending love to our extended families. Sometimes when people are feeling ill they are unavailable so the nice sentiment can be enjoyed at their convenience.

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