Why You Should Have a Get Well card Assortment Box

You can plan ahead for birthdays and anniversaries but you never know when you’ll need a Get Well card for a sick friend, a co-worker or a relative.  I’ve found that keeping a Get Well Assortment Box on hand gives me peace of mind and saves me from having to run out to get a card unexpectedly.  It’s nice to have a choice of card designs and different greetings for all different situations – a bit under the weather, a serious sickness or recovering from a surgical procedure.

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A good Assortment Box will have designs suitable for both men and women and even a few cards that are totally blank so you can write whatever’s appropriate at the time.  I’ve used several types of The Gallery Collection’s assortment boxes for the past few years and am more than happy with both the card quality and variety in each box.  Their Get Well Assortment Box can’t be beat for convenience and the cards are definitely a better value than individual store-bought cards.

The self-sealing envelopes are a great feature and the cards and envelopes stay clean, organized and handy in a colorful, sturdy box.  Don’t you hate when you end up with the perfect, beautiful card and … the wrong envelope?  You can avoid that by keeping a Get Well Assortment Box on hand.  It will make your life a little easier and always let others know you’re thinking of them and wishing them well.

11 thoughts on “Why You Should Have a Get Well card Assortment Box”

  1. It’s not easy to know what to do when someone at work gets sick. This would really help, to have a box there in the office. We could chip in and share the cost of the cards & the stamps. I’m one guy who hates to go card shopping in the store, so the Get Well Assortment box sounds perfect.

  2. I like to keep a box of extra greeting cards on hand. It is always good to have a back up supply! It is great that the Gallery Collection offers such a nice variety of boxes.

  3. That is exactly right. You can never plan when you are going to need Get Well card. This assortment box is great to keep around!

  4. The get well assortment box from the gallery collection is perfect to have on hand, the cards in the box are beautiful and uplifting, who wouldn’t feel warm & fuzzy after an illness when you receive a thoughtful get well wish.

  5. Great to have on hand at work and at home. Illnesses are never planned so you never know when you will need a get well card. It sure beats running out to the store to pick one up last minute!

  6. In my line of work a sympathy assortment box is a must. So glad I can depend on your company for something so unique.

  7. There are so many times a client has to cancel a meeting due to illness and these are great to send out immediately! It just shows you are there and listening. Good for business!

  8. Having a box on hand makes it so much easier to be the thoughtful person I have always intended to be but never quite managed to pull off. My wonderful assistant ordered Get Well and Sympathy Boxes for the office and now we’re always prepared. I’m having her order the Thank You Box next.

  9. I must say, these come in very handy. I like to be able to send a card out right away so it is helpful having this box ready.

  10. The best feature of the Get Well box – cards that are blank inside, without Get Well printed on the front. Sadly, cheery Get Well wishes are not appropriate for every illness. But you can show you care and keep in touch just the same. So thank you for the blank cards.

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