2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Fourth of July? Celebrate Independence Day!”

  1. As John Hancock was the first to sign the declaration of Independence, looking at the picture of the others standing around waiting their turn to sign such an important document that changed the history of how Americans celebrate every 4th of July some funny thoughts came to mind like, I wish they’d hurry up I have to start the fire pit, they know I’m the pit matster, I wonder who’s bringing the ale, the pressure of signing is making me thirsty, I told my wife to bake her prize winning apple pie, yum, what time’s the fireworks, I hope they decorated with the flags red, white & blue colors, anything could’ve been racing thru their minds on such an eventful day.

  2. Poor John Hancock. He will never live that down. The reason his signature is so big is that he was the first one to sign. It’s not his fault that everyone else signed their name so small.

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