Design #127CX – Season’s Greetings Jewel

I see Season’s Greetings cards, personalized Christmas cards, holiday cards, and all occasion cards every day. No, it’s not because I’m card-obsessed; it’s the job I have. The company I work for produces over 300 card designs in the aforementioned categories. Being objective about these cards when it comes to describing them is a little difficult for me because I think our cards are the best in the world.

As I am writing this, I am looking at design #127CX, Season’s Greetings Jewel Holiday Card. This card design features a deeply embossed tree ornament topped off with a green ribbon that matches the color used on the ornament. Gold foil is used to stamp the designs that appear on the ornament, which is framed in gold foil and has the words “Season’s Greetings” in gold foil stamped in script lettering beneath it. As a personalized Christmas card, it is elegantly designed yet understated at the same time. You really have to see the card to understand how it can be elegant and simple at the same time. It’s a great looking card.

Design #127CX - Season's Greetings Jewel Holiday Card
Design #127CX - Season's Greetings Jewel
Holiday Card

So if you are considering purchasing personalized Christmas cards you owe it to yourself to check out our Season’s Greetings cards either online or in our catalog. I am confident you will find among our many designs one that is just right for your needs. And you can be sure that members of your family and the friends you send it to will be impressed with your splendid taste in holiday cards.

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