Personalized Christmas Cards to Make your Holiday Wishes Complete

Design #143CS, A Christmas Celebration Holiday Card, will make wonderful personalized Christmas cards to send to your friends and loved ones. This card is a depiction of an old fashion winter scene. You can see a family all bundled up sitting in an open sleigh, being pulled by two large Clydesdales over a snow covered bridge. The family dog is barking enthusiastically at their arrival. In the background it looks as though it is still snowing. You can see glittering snowflakes covering small pine trees, which gives the appearance that the snow storm is not yet over. This holiday card is truly a celebration of Christmas. The more you look at this design the more you long for a traditional Christmas, with all your family and close friends around you.

Design #143CS - A Christmas Celebration Holiday Card
Design #143CS - A Christmas Celebration
Holiday Card

Design #830CX, Dazzling Christmas Wreath Card, is a Merry Christmas card that features a very sophisticated, abstract depiction of a wreath. It is a beautiful shade of red with gold ribbons and iridescent snow flakes running down one side. On the right side of this card are the words “Merry Christmas.” This particular design is very tasteful and elegant.

Design #830CX - Dazzling Christmas Wreath Card
Design #830CX - Dazzling Christmas Wreath Card

If I were sending this card, I would most likely send it to co-workers as opposed to family members. I’m not quite sure why, except in my opinion it gives a more corporate feeling. Are you thinking of going green? This is a great card to start with because it is made from recycled paper. It would also be an elegant touch to sign this card with a gold gel pen, really making your holiday wishes complete.

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