Personalized Christmas Cards with Celebrity Status

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Have you ever heard of a famous Christmas card? I’m not talking about a card that may have an imprint by a famous artist (like our Museum Masterpiece Cards). I’m talking about anthropomorphizing a card and giving it celebrity status. This may sound like a very bizarre concept but when you work for a greeting cards company, it’s rather befitting.

A bunch of our cards became famous several months ago when they were used as background props in a scene with Harley Davidson Cooper (played by Beth Ehlers) on CBS’s soap opera Guiding Light. Our devoted administrative assistant, Felicia, also happens to be a devoted viewer of this longtime running daytime drama. She was watching the show on a Thursday in December, as she does every Thursday, when she noticed several of our personalized Christmas cards hanging around the frame of Harley’s front door.

Take a look at the stills below:

Guiding Light Holiday Cards 1 Guiding Light Holiday Cards 2

Designs 491CS, 684CX, 676CX, and 678CX are all in the background. Here is a better view of each design, respectively:

491CS - Seasons Greetings Snowfrost Ornament Card 684CX - Merry Christmas Traditions Holiday Card

676CX - Gift Box Starburst Seasons Greeting Card 678CX - Holiday Fanfare Happy Holidays Card

For any other viewers of this scene, they would’ve been engrossed in the plot line in which Harley receives a postcard from her missing ex-husband. But for the rest of us here at, we were more interested in getting a better view of our holiday cards hanging in the background. If the thought never crossed your mind that an ordinary personalized Christmas card with an ornament on the front could obtain celebrityhood – think again. Our cards aren’t so ordinary after all…they’re superstars!

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