Personalized Holiday Cards + My Dog = Business Booming

When companies send personalized holiday cards there are always different thoughts behind them. Should it be informal, should it be formal, should I do foil, should I do ink? This paralysis of analysis can sometimes slow you down so much you don’t bother even sending cards out.

It may not seem like a big deal but getting personalized Christmas cards out to your clientele is truly significant. In these trying times it is nice to know someone remembers you spent money there. The card puts you back on the mind of your valued customer.

I found a fool proof way of doing cards each year. I sell heavy equipment parts. So each year I take a picture of my dog Frank and pose him on a new construction vehicle as the driver. So when I make my Christmas cards, I throw in the added bonus of a picture of Frank inside.

You cannot even imagine the reception this gets each year. There isn’t a returning customer who doesn’t ask about Frank when he or she comes through the door. And the key to that statement is, “when he or she comes through the door.” I want my customers to return, I hope if you are a business owner you would want the same. I guess the only exception would be a funeral home. I suppose there is not much return business when it comes to that.

In most businesses you need to go that extra mile for your customers. The moral of the story is take time to put together a personalized Christmas card and have fun with it. It does not have to be something you worry about doing each year, you can make it exciting!

2 thoughts on “Personalized Holiday Cards + My Dog = Business Booming”

  1. Ha! Great idea. I’m going to start doing that with my cat tom-tom. What type of dog is Frank?

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