Why You Should Send Personalized Christmas Cards

I remember that day in November, I was feeling down after I got that call from the school to come pick my daughter up, she had a fever and was very sick, the flu. We’d just gotten home from the doctor’s and I was worrying because I knew I couldn’t take off from work, this was our busy season and we couldn’t afford to move one person from their assigned jobs to cover mine. Later that night, the doorbell rang. It was my “evil” next door neighbor who having heard that my daughter was sick, came by to offer her help, volunteering to baby-sit while I work, and to do so in my home so I wouldn’t have to take my daughter out. She didn’t want anything in return.

My car had a flat, I don’t know anything about changing a tire. A man whom I’d see but never met volunteered his help but wouldn’t accept any payment. These are the times you send a personalized Christmas card, to people who have gone that extra mile for the sake of kindness and you want to let them know you thank them for that.

A Personalized Christmas Card can speak volumes when you want to acknowledge an act of kindness or just to say “I’m wishing you a very special holiday season” because you’ve been so kind. And then who knows, you just might make that Scrooge-like someone believe in spirit of Christmas.

11 thoughts on “Why You Should Send Personalized Christmas Cards”

  1. My mom not only taught me about personalized Christmas cards, she took it a step further and included a family newsletter every year. I carried on that tradition and I can’t tell you how many people tell me how much they love getting them. It’s a simple way to have an updated family picture on the card and then only writing 1 letter to multiple people.

  2. Sending personalized cards for Christmas, especially done in a foil imprint is really elegant. To make it personal, I try to sign each card by hand with a little note.

  3. I love the above blog. Random (or not so random) acts of kindness can mean so much. Just letting someone know you are thinking of them can be an act of kindness. Receiving a personalized card of any kind is such a treat these days. Instead of an email, or a ‘like’ on face-book, a written ‘thinking of you’ , ‘thank you’ or even ‘happy holidays’ can bring a smile to someone, that may last their whole day. I know when someone takes the time to send me a card or write a note, my world is a better place because I am looking at it with a smile on my face.

  4. Personalizing a card really does show that person you care because you took the extra time and effort out to make the card unique just for them. You were really lucky those two helped you out and I think the fact that they weren’t people you dealt with everyday made the card mean even more.

  5. I love the idea of personalizing a holiday card. Not only does it show your appreciation for that person but it is something that they will be able to treasure for a long time. It also speaks volume to your character as well. It doesn’t have to be a personalized Christmas card it can also be a thank you card or just a blank card with a sentiment engraved inside. Its the thought behind it that counts

  6. I think that personalized Christmas cards are a really big deal to a lot of people. People in my family might get offended if they didn’t get one, and it doesn’t take all that much effort and makes someone feel very special.

  7. Always worth the effort to personalize your cards. A little extra effort is always appreciated and doesn’t take that much more time.

  8. Personalized cards are like an extra gift! Further shows your loved ones how much you care without any strenuous effort.

  9. Gotta personalize. It is easy to just send out something generic. Personalization shows time and effort.

  10. As I have said time and time again, the little things are what make the biggest differences in our lives. Its always a good thought no matter how small the gesture to thank someone for lending a hand. A customized card is great way to show someone your gratitude, its also a way to show them that you are thankful that they crossed into your life and were able to make a positive impact. Cards are wonderful gifts that most people overlook.

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