Wreath Holiday Cards – A Traditional Symbol of the Season

Wreath Holiday Cards are more than just beautiful; the wreath’s circular shape represents eternity, no beginning and no end.

Symbolism of wreaths and the meaning has undergone quite a change over the years.  Now during the holiday season the wreath is used to adorn the front door of a home and has come to symbolize welcome for visitors and invited guests. And of course, there are Wreath Holiday Cards.

Wreaths have been used as symbolic icons as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. They were usually worn on the crown of the head, used to represent good health and life and to recognize royalty, the upper class, and athletic victories. Some early Europeans displayed evergreen wreaths in the hope that it would bring an earlier spring; evergreens symbolize strength as they last through the harshest winters.

Today, wreaths are made of many different materials such as dried flowers, twigs or pine cones and can be displayed all year long depending on what is used on the arrangement.  When used as a focal point on a Greeting Card, brightly colored leaves make a stunning design on a Thanksgiving card, a wreath of flowers on a Sympathy card is gracious and on the lighter side a wreath of playful icons on a Birthday card can be delightful.

Wreath Holiday Cards are probably the most popular because of the wreath’s rich history and the endless variety of material it could be made of. The Wreath Holiday Card is an easy choice for a Holiday card to send.

7 thoughts on “Wreath Holiday Cards – A Traditional Symbol of the Season”

  1. I love wreaths also it reminds me of so many wonderful symbols eternity knots from Ireland is one and the design is ever lasting.

  2. I didn’t know there was a story behinds wreaths. Not something I ever thought of, but good article.

  3. I used to make wreaths growing up with my siblings and friends. Precious memories I’ll never forget!

  4. My boys made wreaths in school growing up, but they have since all fallen apart. I believe that is why I love hanging wreaths on my front door during the Christmas season. They remind me of the old days when my guys were little ones.

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