Sending a Photo Christmas Card – It is So Fun with a Growing Family

For my wife and me, it is very important and enjoyable to make the effort to reach out to family and friends…to stay in touch, catch up, and extend our wishes during the festive holiday season. As our lives continue to change and as we grow as a couple and a family, this has become more entertaining every year. We now have two children and for the past three years, we have been sending our Photo Christmas cards with a picture of the most adorable kids in the world…ours!

As much as we look forward to sending out our Christmas Cards with a photo and personalized greeting, we equally anticipate receiving Holiday Cards from family and friends. We look forward to seeing new photos of their family and catching up on new developments.

For us, the Christmas season is a time to reflect and appreciate what you have and to reach out to those you love the most. It is a reminder that friendships and families are to be cherished, preserved, and nurtured. Personalized Christmas cards are a great way to extend holiday wishes to those your care about. And why not show off an updated photo of the kids while you’re at it!

5 thoughts on “Sending a Photo Christmas Card – It is So Fun with a Growing Family”

  1. I love this concept so much. We all live such a busy life and sometime we have no time to visit are love ones like family and friends. And, this is a wondeful way we can show that we still love, care and that we thinking of them even if our lives keep up busy. So, a picture on christmas card and specially saying will go a long way.

  2. I totally agree. I too, look forward to seeing how the people I don’t get to see often have changed over the year.

  3. As time goes by, my family has spread out all over the country and we do not get to see each other as much as we would like. It is wonderful to receive Christmas Photo Cards to see how much everyone has grown.

  4. I love the photo cards also – I love to see my family from Canada that I can only see every few years. I love to see new pets, new homes, wedding pics that I could not make it to – vacation shots from my friends and relatives. All great things and I try and make little collages from them all after the holidays are over or put them in a scrapbook for my own keepsakes.

  5. I too like receiving those wonderful photo Christmas cards. So many of my friends have new pictures of their grandkids which they show off every year. I can’t wait until my daughter-in-law gives birth this fall. Then it’ll be my turn to show all just how adorable my progeny can be.

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