Helping Coworkers Cope with Sympathy Cards

Sympathy cards are a wonderful way of showing a person how much you are thinking of them during their difficult period of sadness and grief. When a co-worker’s beloved friend or family member passes away, it’s only right to send them a Sympathy Card to make them feel comforted during their difficult time. I find sympathy cards to be extremely important because while they may be a small gesture at the moment, they end up being a huge comfort to the person after the initial stage of grief. While there is no time frame for grief, an elegant sympathy card, explaining how much you’re thinking of the person and their family members can go a long way. If you visit, there are a bunch of elegant and comforting card designs with wonderful greetings such as “Our thoughts and prayers are with your during this difficult time,” and “Sincere Condolences to you and your family at this time of sorrow.” These comforting words, including your own personal words inside of the card, will be sure to show your co-worker that you care, and will allow your co-worker to cope with his or her loss, knowing that he or she has a friend in you!

9 thoughts on “Helping Coworkers Cope with Sympathy Cards”

  1. Even if you attended the services, sending a sympathy card is always a good idea. Your friend in the office will surely appreciate it.

  2. Your sympathy cards are so elegant, and better priced than cards in a store. At work, a kind word of sympathy shows you care about your fellow worker.

  3. I’m new here and I don’t know everyone but if I heard of a death in the family I would send a sympathy card for sure. It’s the least you can do to show someone you care about their feelings.

  4. Be sure your workplace isn’t cold & impersonal. Give a sympathy card when there’s a death in someone’s family, even if you’re not well acquainted.Any show of sympathy would be appreciated.

  5. As one who has experienced a death in the family, receiving sympathy cards from co-workers is truly comforting and shows they care.

  6. It is important to send a card at the least. Acknowledge what they are going through.

  7. You can say so much in a card that you sometimes are unable to in person. It is only human to show empathy and compassion when someone is going through such a hard time.

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