Sympathy Cards are the Ambassadors of Solace

Some people are born with the gift of bringing comfort to those in need; most of us must depend on sympathy cards. Many of us use the clichés that seem to be appropriate, but don’t require any real thought. We are often afraid to say something too personal or too spiritual, thereby making the recipient uneasy.

For the giver of the sentiment, it is important to evoke a “thinking of you” concept to the person who receives the card. That is really what sympathy cards are all about. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a sympathy card will most likely say that the gesture itself is an act of consolation that is much appreciated.

The card that one selects should be representative of the beliefs of the recipient, not the sender. If there is no way to know what those beliefs are, it is best to rely on the “thinking of you” concept. Of course, the design of the card should also be given some consideration. For instance, if you knew the person well, and they had a passion for a certain type of art or color or flower, etc. you should look for something reflective of that interest. When choosing a card for someone that you don’t know quite as well, it is best to choose a card that will be simple yet elegant.

The bottom line is that whether sending a sympathy card or a thinking of you card, the act of sending one that you have thought about reflects your sincerity.

5 thoughts on “Sympathy Cards are the Ambassadors of Solace”

  1. Having been on the receiving end of condolance cards recently, I can speak with experience. The ones that meant the most were the Thinking of You cards that held a handwritten message on the inside acknowledging the loss of a loved one.

  2. The whole process of condolences is awkward for me. I tend to send ones with a simple “Thinking of you during this time” message and sign my sorrow for the recipient’s loss as well.

  3. My husband and I received a wonderful card at the passing of his father. It is titled “The Plan of the Master Weaver”. My father in law worked with looms repairing them so that the weavers could make the fabric. Since his death I have gathered several things that a weaver would use like the shuttle and the bobbins with thread, I have kept this card on the mantle with the other items because it reminds me that life is a tapestry and even with what we see as dark threads or areas God has the master plan and one day we will see the whole piece.

  4. I would really like to get some more of these cards from Ambassador if it’s all possible.
    If anyone can help me find the above mentioned card I would appreciate it. It has helped
    me as I’ve recently been dealing with the death of my husband after thirty years of marriage. I would like to be able to share it with others who are dealing with grief and need to be reminded who has the plan.

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