Sympathy Cards Express Heartfelt Sentiment

We have all experienced the loss of a beloved family member or a cherished friend. Often the sadness felt during these times of bereavement can be overwhelming. Always welcome are visitors who come to share in our sorrow and lend their support. They bring caring embraces, handshakes and words of comfort. Most of them also bring sympathy cards which they have placed neatly on a table near a memoriam of photos celebrating the life of the departed. Without a word being spoken, a sympathy card can convey what we would like to express in an understated way.

A sympathy card can express, in simple fashion, our sincere heartfelt sentiment. The message is usually a short, simple statement. A phrase. A sentence. Perhaps a short Bible verse. Whatever the content of the card it is sure to show the reader you care.

Sometimes when information concerning one’s death reaches us it is too late to show our support in person. Visitation schedules have passed, funeral arrangements have been made, and on occasion, we are too many miles away. Mailing a sympathy card shows that you care enough to share and express your feelings for another during their grieving period. Whether it be a family member or friend, co-worker or client, a neighbor or local shopkeeper, classic sympathy cards can state your feelings without a word having been spoken.

2 thoughts on “Sympathy Cards Express Heartfelt Sentiment”

  1. Sympathy card are the hardest to pick out. You really don’t know what to say or even how to say it. Without the person feeling worse than what the feel. But I have seen sometime it sould do wonders for a individual, So whether is for loss in the family, friends or love one make sure they know how u feel.

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