Words of Sympathy for Fellow Employees

The loss of a loved one knows no boundaries and there are no exceptions.  That’s why is so important to show an expression of sympathy for fellow employees when we learn that someone they cherish has died.

I know how difficult it can be to find the right words to let someone know you are feeling their pain, without being intrusive.  Especially if it’s someone you don’t know very well.  However, news such as this travels quickly through the workplace so usually everyone hears it even if they aren’t particularly close to the person who has suffered the loss.

Sympathy Cards

It’s just as difficult for the person coming to work to deal with co-workers as it is for the co-workers to deal with the person who is grieving.  And everyone deals with grief in their own way.  Just a card to let someone know they are not alone is often appreciated more than anyone knows.  Sympathy cards these days say so much with just a few words and sometimes that’s enough.  You’ve opened the door and are available.

I know when my dad died several years ago I dreaded my first day back to work.  I was going to be seeing people who knew what happened but who I had not seen since the day I left to go to the hospital.  I was comforted by warm smiles and hugs, but what I remember and cherish to this day are the cards that were left on my desk.  People weren’t sure how I would feel after such a devastating event in my lift, but they cared and that meant the world to me.

We can’t really ask for much more than that – kindness from people who are really your extended family.  Some heart felt words of sympathy from people who want you to know they are there for you.

3 thoughts on “Words of Sympathy for Fellow Employees”

  1. At my job our HR department sends an email to all of us giving details like home address to send a card and the viewing information. I appreciate this because I would never want to be unaware of someone’s loss; I would always send a Mass card someone I know or Sympathy card to a casual acquaintance expressing my condolence

  2. When my mom passed away last month, it really meant so much to me that people sent cards of sympathy. I will always remember those who thought of me in my time of sadness.

  3. A card signed by multiple individuals in the office is helpful for those of us who don’t know the family member, but want to say something comforting and are just coming up short on words.

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