Popular Birthday Card Sayings To Share

Signing birthday cards can be a tricky business. Many of us like to take the lazy way out and let the card’s greeting do the heavy lifting, and just sign our name. Others like to pour their heart out in their cards. Most of us, though, just want to write a little something extra to show that we have put some thought into the occasion. For ideas on what to write in cards for friends, co-workers and others, I have some popular birthday card sayings to share.

Wishing You a Happy Birthday Card

Sending specific wishes is a good idea: “Relax and enjoy yourself on your birthday – you deserve it!” is a message that will always be appreciated. If you want to go the humorous route on a card for a co-worker, you could try “You’re my favorite co-worker – whose birthday is today” . One can never go wrong going with a sincere message: “You are a great co-worker and a great friend. Happy Birthday!” Although the card stores carry many “milestone” birthday cards, I advise staying away from any age related cards unless you know the person well enough to know that their advancing age is not a sore point. With a classy card and a heartfelt birthday card saying, you will get your point across and hopefully make someone’s day