Design #887CX – Golden Accents

Design #887CX, Golden Accents Seasons Greeting Card, is one of The Gallery Collection’s most elegant and intricate Christmas ornament cards. The design is printed on a heavy, textured deep green paper stock and luxuriously accented with generous quantities of shimmering ruby and gold foils. The primary object of attention is the large garnet Christmas ornament, set left of center, which features a painstakingly detailed golden pattern. Small, swirling etchings populate most of the ornament’s surface around a circular flower pattern at the center. The ornament hangs by a fine string of miniature pearls and is flanked, above and below, by a series of gilded holly leaves and baby pine needles. A few glistening red berries are interspersed amongst the leaves and the words “Season’s Greetings” appear to the right of the ornament in a script font which appears almost handwritten.

Design #887CX - Golden Accents Seasons Greeting Card
Design #887CX - Golden Accents
Seasons Greeting Card

This Christmas ornament card is almost majestic in its appearance and is a perfect choice for companies who wish to make a lasting impression on their valued customers. Any client receiving the Golden Accents card is certain to be impressed by its ornate appearance and elaborate design. It is also perfect for private individuals to order, especially those who greatly value the time-honored tradition of sending Christmas cards. Your friends and relatives who receive this design are sure to be awed by its obvious quality and upscale bearing.