Greetings, Great Service, Good Business

In this seemingly endless crazy world of business being reinvented every day and new communications devices cropping up each week there IS a staple, a basic, a fundamental unchanging and completely inalterable constant in this world. You might wonder what possibly in THIS world could remain unchanged, heaven forbid INALTERABLE!?

Yes, I write for you today of this magical, simple, amazing, unchanged-for-generations and inalterable for many many more generations THING. What is this thing? Call it manners; Call it courtesy; Call it kindness, thanks or decency. Call it what you like but I find most of the words and descriptions people tend to use for this THING limiting and too narrow. I’ll simply say that there is an undeniable fact and that is simply that we are human. This “human-ness” bestows upon us five (5) senses and an amazing intellect.

Our most basic and primitive human-ness is lost upon many of us and our children. We race around the planet in cars and airplanes. Even our poorest children live in a fantasy land of television screens, game consoles and computers. Our human-ness is often forgotten. But it is here. It is undeniable. And therefore our most basic and simple senses and psychology still do exist despite the “advancements” of society in communications and technology.

Sometimes when I think “thoughts” like this I wonder if I am maybe just getting older and starting to reflect on my life more but then actually I remember that in fact I spent much more time thinking thoughts like this when I WAS younger!? Anyhow, I’m not known for my brevity, maybe I just try and cut to the chase. It is simple. I sit before you today to write of a most basic, simple and too often forgotten simple thing. We are human. We are simple. We appreciate simple things. We understand. We understand the difference between a bulk email, a form letter, a quickly fired off email and a sincere effort that takes a precious few moments of the senders’ time.

Today, I sit to write a “Thanks” to Rocco in Volvo Service of Montclair Auto Group in Montclair NJ. I have never met Rocco. I have never spoken to Rocco. However, Rocco deserves my heartfelt thanks and Rocco will be receiving from me a thank you card stating this clearly. Rocco provided me with something simple that brought a smile to my face today and restored some small bit of my faith in humanity today. Rocco sent me a note that starts “Greetings!” which then goes on to explain, sorry this took so long but the parts for this are not available any longer…I managed to find an old broken one from which to take the battery cap…”

Rocco solved a problem for me. My 1997 Volvo wagon that my mother-in-law gave me was suddenly inexplicably not able to let me in with that new fangled wireless door lock because of a very simple reason. It had no battery. But much worse than that the battery cap was missing from the device. Now I know that I don’t NEED that little device and in fact I had lived for many months without it, but what to do? Throw away the device or fix it? Dangling on my keychain it was nothing but a sore reminder of the weakness of technology and an ornamental piece of garbage. I could not bring myself to just toss the little thing so I asked a friend if he knew of a Volvo dealer nearby. He did and in fact he said he would send it to his friend “Rocco” who might be able to help.

The “short” story… Rocco helped. And he reminded me with his kind note accompanying the fixed device that we are all human. That simple things like a note can make a big difference in people’s impressions and attitudes. Not hastily written form-letters, notes, cards, Holiday cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, or in those unfortunate times, sympathy cards. Our psyches are simple. Our brains powerful. We know the effort it takes and we appreciate that time spent as it does correlate to the sender’s sincerity. So, Rocco, you can see that I am sincerely thankful. And you, my reader, who has made it this far…yes, you! You are human, and your friends, your family and your customers are human too. A simple and soulful thank you that presents to another humans five senses a small piece of paper expressing good will is the very least we can do for each other in this day and age…

Be a human. Send a greeting card to someone. Make them smile and you will have done a good deed that will know doubt revisit you someday.

Thank you Rocco and thank you Montclair Auto Group. My thank you cards are on their way! And, it is without hesitation that I recommend your services to others. For old world service with the human touch, visit or Though most importantly, be human! And visit them in person at:

Montclair Auto Group
654 Bloomfield Ave.
Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 746-4500