The Wide-Ranging Suitability of Non Denominational Holiday Cards

Today the globe is more interconnected than ever.  Business ties span the entire world: manufacturing in China, customer service in India, distribution networks in the United States.  While today’s business environment is diverse and expansive as ever, there are still a few commonalities that can bring us closer together.  English is used as a lingua franca, bridging the various business communities together.  The Gregorian calendar helps to keep us on the same page in terms of dates.  Since almost everyone uses these standards, sending out non denomination holiday cards at the end of the year can be a good way of keeping up business contacts while ensuring that you do not offend anyone’s sensibilities.

It is important to respect the cultures and traditions of everyone you are in contact with.  A common gaffe committed is sending out Christmas cards to those who do not celebrate the holiday.  So picking a card that does not entail a specific holiday or the items stereotypically associated related with that holiday is important.  Yet, a level of intimacy can still be retained with personalized holiday cards.  Some of the best cards for this are winter themed, like a blustery winter landscape or magnified snowflakes.   If there are clients in the southern hemisphere, one might be better served with one that showcases wrapped presents.  Just be sure to stay in touch in an appropriate manner this holiday season.