How Personalized Christmas Cards Saved Santa Claus

Personalized Christmas cards may be something we all take for granted these days, but as with so many other things, personalized holiday cards didn’t always exist. Originally, people made their own greeting cards. The first known “manufactured” Christmas card was in 1843 London, with one individual commissioning a lithographic artist to design and print his cards. Presumably, he still had to sign them.

As Mrs. Claus pointed out to her hubby, people were always saying “thank you” to Santa for his gift-giving (past, present, and anticipated future) but rarely thought to say “thank you” to any of Santa’s elves. So, at some point, Santa decided it was only right and prudent to give Christmas cards to all of his elves, who after all, had worked so diligently all year to provide for the holiday happiness of others. There were a lot of elves, but Santa did have all year to prepare the cards, plus he had the able and enthusiastic assistance of Mrs. Claus.

Years passed and the world population kept increasing. Fortunately, the elfin population increased proportionally, so the workshop was able to keep pace in the production of toys and other goodies. Another fortunate event was the invention of computers, which made Santa’s record-keeping, not to mention his delivery scheduling, more manageable and efficient.

One problem, however, came to be known as “Santa Burn-Out.” He simply could not keep up with hand-signing so many Christmas cards! Poor Santa lost weight and was starting to lose the twinkle in his eyes. But then Santa became a customer of The Gallery Collection. His custom Christmas cards are now perfectly, professionally printed, and he’s able to send them in such a timely fashion that the elves receive them while Santa is making his Christmas Eve deliveries. And, you know what? Now that Santa uses personalized holiday cards, when his big annual journey is completed, he gets the biggest, warmest “welcome home” that you can imagine!