Snow Themed Personalized Holiday Cards for any Locale

What a great way to wish your friends and clients holiday wishes by sending snow-themed personalized holiday cards this year! Snow covered scenes are beautiful to look at and remind the beholder of warm feelings of past wintry experiences. Businesses and families from as far north as New England or out West in states like Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming can choose card designs reminiscent of their native surroundings. Whether you live in an area landscaped with forests and streams or wide open prairies, The Gallery Collection has a holiday greeting card designed just for you.

Design #533CS, Snowy Morn Holiday Seasons Greetings Card, depicts a silvery stream gently ambling through a forest blanketed in fresh white snow. The tree branches and low lying shrubs are laden with glistening white clusters of the newly fallen precipitation. It is a calm winter morning and all seems very peaceful here. Silver iridescent foil outlines this setting and the words “Season’s Greetings” appear at the bottom of the design. The gentle beauty of this new dawning day evokes a serene holiday feeling for the recipient of this seasonal greeting card.

Design #533CS - Snowy Morn Holiday Seasons Greetings Card
Design #533CS - Snowy Morn Holiday
Seasons Greetings Card

For the western part of the country design #575CS, Holiday Spirit Horses Greeting Card, shows a vast, open plain covered in snow. A herd of majestic brown and tan wild horses, kicking up snow, are galloping across this lowland toward a life free from worries and cares. The exhilaration they feel conveys a happiness that all should feel during the holiday season. The scene on this card is outlined in silver iridescent foil with the words “Season’s Greetings” below it. Now westerners have a personalized holiday card designed specifically for their locale to send out to their clients, friends, and families.

Design #575CS - Holiday Spirit Horses Greeting Card
Design #575CS - Holiday Spirit Horses
Greeting Card