Environmentally Friendly Birthday Cards Show how much you Really Care

Windpower greeting cards describes cards that are made with paper that is manufactured by using electricity generated by wind mills. Wind power is a non-polluting, renewable form of energy. Environmentally friendly birthday cards made with wind power energy are a great way to say and show that you really care about the well-being and long life of the birthday celebrant!

Some time ago, my power company sent me a bill enclosure that allowed me to opt for one of several eco-friendly sources for my electricity. Each listing showed the alternate fuel source(s) used for that plan, as well as the approximate percentage of cost increase to me if I opted for that plan. I was very happy to be offered a means of decreasing my own carbon imprint. The plan I chose derives its highest percentage of fuel from wind power.

I can’t imagine why our human channeling of wind power into electricity took so long to come about. Humans have been using wind mills and water mills for centuries to turn machinery to grind grains. We really should have made the mental leap and the moral commitment much sooner, but as they say – better late than never!

Windpower birthday cards from The Gallery Collection are the same premium quality as this line of cards has always maintained. The only way you can tell them apart is the Wind power logo on the back of the card. This small symbol says a great deal about the sender’s integrity as a citizen of planet Earth. This environmentally friendly symbol not only confirms your high regard for the well-being of the card’s recipient, it also educates. It gets people thinking about and discussing this and other ways of going green to improve the quality and longevity of life on our beautiful planet.

I’ve started thinking of the wind power symbol as a smiley face with a conscience!

Business Greeting Cards: Harnessing Windpower

The subject of windpower greeting cards got me wondering about whether or not people think about eco-friendly production of greeting cards. When you get business greeting cards or even personalized birthday cards for that matter, do you immediately wonder about the green aspects of their production? Personally, my first thoughts are “What a nice surprise! What thoughtful people sent me greeting cards?” I usually open and close the greeting card a couple of times to repeat the pleasure of seeing its (usually) attractive face and reading its (hopefully) pleasant text. I don’t usually check the back of the greeting cards for an eco-friendly symbol unless the senders add a lengthy message.

It’s certainly great to use recycled paper but from a personal standpoint, I tend to have more concern for business birthday cards produced with windpower. I can “go ape” on the subject of the eco-friendly production of electricity versus the diminishment of limited-supply, pollution-producing fossil fuels. I believe my passion on the subject began because I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, where hydropower at Niagara Falls has for so long been used to provide abundant and inexpensive electricity.

Because I grew up intrigued by the thought of harnessing the power of flowing rivers and ocean currents, I progressed quite naturally into wondering why there weren’t more windmills built to harness all of that amazing power in the sky. I have been delighted in recent years to see the development of windpower in the production of electricity. When I had the unexpected occasion to drive past a stretch of modern windmills, I was struck by the graceful beauty they presented.

All of this is leading up to tell you how proud I feel to know that my company, The Gallery Collection, is making increasing use of this automatically-replenished natural resource. The paper stock used in the majority of our greeting cards is manufactured in facilities driven by windpower, and our headquarters here in New Jersey also runs on windpower. Hmm…I wonder if my tiny backyard could hold a wind turbine and generator.