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Chances are that there are people in your life who have helped you along the way, contributing positively to you or your business. We all have people in our lives who we are thankful for and sending them a thank you card is the perfect way to express that you acknowledge their impact, work or business.

Here are five great Thank You cards that will help get the message across:

First, the Thank You Scroll Card is the perfect card to thank your clients or customers. The “Thank You” message is written elegantly over a swirling tonal backdrop and stamped with embossed gold foil. The overall design on cream matte card stock looks polished and well-put together.

Another great thank you card for your clients or customers is the Thank You For Your Business card on a navy blue background. This thank you card is less formal than the “Thank You Scroll Card” but looks equally great with the gold lettering on navy background. The interesting lines underneath the “Thank You For Your Business Card” works as the focus point and is sure to draw in your customers.

If there is someone you’d like to thank during the holidays, the Regal Thank You card is a great card to send. The royal red and gold design on cream matte stock features subtly embossed details that remind one of the holidays, without being too specific as to which particular holiday. The classic card can be sent to employees, coworkers or loved ones, making it a great all-purpose card for you or your business.

One of my favorite thank you cards is the Peacock Thank You card because the design features just the right amount of detail to make a colorful impact. The “Thank You” message is simple, embossed in gold, while three peacock feather plumes featured in blue, red, and yellow stylishly wrap around the “Thank You” message. The embossed details on each feather stand out, leaving a tasteful impact. This card would be a great personal card or even a stylish card for your clients if you want to leave a lasting impression.

Last but not least, if you prefer a background design over a “Thank You” font design, why not express your gratitude with the Water Lily Nympheas card? This famous background by Claude Monet is outlined in a thick gold embossing and leaves room in the inside of the card to personally sign or handwrite your gratitude to your customers or loved ones. If you enjoy the Claude Monet backgrounds, there are also many other Monet landscape cards you can choose from in the Thank You card collection.

Remember what your mother always taught you: Always say please and “THANK YOU!”

9 thoughts on “Greeting Cards Highlight – Thank You Cards”

  1. You have hit a high note with the Water Lilies and the Peacock Thank You cards. More women than ever are in executive positions today. We need cards to touch all bases: stylish, feminine but not frilly, and in good taste. They are my favorite for personal notes to my employees.
    The Regal Thank You comes in third for those times when only a conservative, yet memorable, business card is necessary.

  2. Your water lily card is so nice. It’s colorful yet formal enough for almost any need. If you get them all blank inside you have note cards to say thank you and personalize the reason- a gift you received, a favor that was done for you, or an extra effort on a business project. If you have the cards handy in your desk there’s no need to keep reminding yourself to stop off at the store to get one at a time.

  3. I love your selection of Thank You cards. I usually get them blank inside so I can write me own personal message.

  4. I think you have a great selection of Thank You cards. I appreciate having them ready to go. You often have the occasion to thank someone and you forget about doing it if you have to go to the store and buy a card. Having them in advance assures me that I will be able to show my appreciation.

  5. What a selection!! I’ve never seen so many options and they are all so pretty. I always have the hardest time choosing a design when I place my order because I like everything.

  6. Handwritten thank yous are overlooked these days. It makes a real statement when you get a thank you in the mail, as opposed to a quick text or an e-mail. It shows that extra effort, and even better when it is such a pretty card like the ones you have showcased here!

  7. Let’s not lose the art of sending Thank You Cards. It means much more to receive a thank you card in the mail rather than an email. If someone took the time to do something special for you or to give you their business, take the time send a thank you card in the mail.

  8. I love the selection of Thank you cards from Gallery – the colors and wonderful and the sentiments inside are great also. I also like to do a special touch with a gel pen writing inside too. Thank you cards go a long way.

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