What to Bring to an Office Thanksgiving Party

What a cool idea! Having an Office Thanksgiving Party!

I am fortunate in that I work in a very culturally diverse workplace. So, whenever we have any sort of food event at work, it’s an amazing display of something from every corner of the world. But, I have to say, for Thanksgiving, I think I’d want to lean more toward a traditional menu.


That being said, it’s probably not going to be easy to roast a 15 pound turkey in our lunchroom. But not to worry, we have a couple of options. We could cook the turkey at home and reheat in the microwaves. In fact, there probably isn’t any thing you can not heat up in a microwave. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, veggies – wow! We could carve the turkey and place on serving platters and then set out all the fixins’ as a buffet. I’m sure lots of people would want to bring in part of this feast to share.

Or, for a “no mess, no fuss” option, I saw an ad from a local deli for “Thanksgiving on a Bun”. We could either order a bunch of those or simply ask for volunteers to make up sandwiches at home with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce and pop the whole thing in the microwave and then place all the sandwiches on platters and people could help themselves.

We can not forget dessert. I’d go with an assortment of pies, already cut up on plates and allow folks to choose their favorites. I’m sure getting volunteers to bring in dessert would be easy – even if it wasn’t homemade!

Of course, there is a challenge – and I can only speak for myself here – but how are we going to accommodate the naps that always follow Thanksgiving dinner!

6 thoughts on “What to Bring to an Office Thanksgiving Party”

  1. I think it would be better to have it catered. Put the money you would have spent on the party and ask management to match. I think that would be much more relaxing and enjoyable.

  2. I’ve never been in an office that had a Thanksgiving party, but that is a great idea! So easy for everyone to bring in a dish – especially if the office isn’t too big.

  3. At our Thanksgiving work feast, we all signed up to bring something unique to our own family. I brought in these Ricotta Empanadas and tried many different foods I never would have thought to try before.

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