Appropriate Christmas Party Themes For Your Office

Having a Christmas Party at work can be strenuous. First, you have to come up with an appropriate Christmas party theme for the office. Then, the planning begins. The planning is the easy part. One of the hardest part seems to be a theme. Since I have been in charge of this project, we have had four themes.


The first year we did ‘Christmas Around the World.’ That was fun. We had the words Merry Christmas and Santa Claus in languages from different countries. We had dishes from different countries on the table. And we even had people tell short stories of their Christmas traditions. That year was one of my favorites. The next year, we worked with Toys for Tots. Our theme was ‘Santa’s Christmas List.’ The idea was to buy a gift that you would have wanted as a child and donate it. Everyone who brought in a gift for a child received a ticket to our Christmas Buffet. It was a great year for the kids. My associates were very generous. The third year, our theme was ‘Generosity and Kindness.’ The idea was to be generous and giving for the Month before Christmas. Every time you did something nice or charitable, you received a ticket for our tricky tray. The nicer and more generous you were, the more tickets you got to put into the bucket. Everyone seemed so much nicer that year!

This year, I’m working on something really special. We are actually having a Christmas Mini Carnival. We are inviting the families of the staff so they can enjoy some carnival games, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, and of course, a visit from the big man himself, Santa Claus. Then we will have a sit down style dinner. I know family is the most important thing in life, so why not include them in the fun. I’ve already called The Gallery Collection to order my corporate holiday party invitations. Everyone is so excited. My boss can’t wait to dress up as you know who!

4 thoughts on “Appropriate Christmas Party Themes For Your Office”

  1. WOW you have a great imagination! I like the Toys for Tots the best-I am actually going to steal your idea 🙂 thanks

  2. The Christmas Mini Carnival is a wonderful idea made even better with the inclusion of the staff’s families! Sounds like it will be a lot of fun for everyone!

  3. You’re fortunate that you have the kind of office that allows parties, nevermind a theme party. I do however, also, like the idea of spreading the Holiday cheer to the less fortunate by having a Toys For Tots donation box. After all, Christmas is for the kids.

  4. I have always loved themed parties! And having a themed party at the office is a wonderful idea. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I love to go all out for it. Christmas is always a time for giving so the Toys for Tots is such a great idea.

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