Sending Get Well Wishes To A Co-Worker

We work side by side with people day after day. We share the big and small events in our lives. We trade recipes, gossip and the minutiae of our lives on a daily basis. When a co-worker is out, we generally just go about our business and catch up with them when they come back.  Why not think about sending get well wishes to a co-worker?

Get Well Cards

Think about it. We spend almost as much time with our co-workers as we do with our family. Probably more than with some family members. If we can send a get well card to Aunt Millie, why not to the person who sits across the room, eight hours a day, five days a week. Think how well that will be received by a person who is a little under the weather. You know when you are out of the office you feel like you’re missing something. Maybe you feel a little uncomfortable when you come back. Almost like there’s a broken connection. If you feel this – so do others.

The next a co-worker is out for a few days take the time to drop them a get well card. Include a note about what is happening in the office, it it’s only you can’t believe what Fred said now. This will not only bring a smile but it will let them know you care. I have found that buying a few cards and having them ready when needed makes this easier. Think of it as upgrading your office communication skills. I feel a cold coming on – don’t forget me!

2 thoughts on “Sending Get Well Wishes To A Co-Worker”

  1. The people you spend 40 hours a week with become more than coworkers after a short while. It is important to show them that you care during difficult times in their personal lives.

  2. Our department sends a get well card or thinking of you card from the entire group-I think it is nicer that way. I will however send a card on my own if the person is out for an extended time

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