Big Business or Small Business – Corporate Birthday Cards are a Plus

by Henry L. on January 28, 2013

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When my father started his pediatric practice nearly thirty years ago, he allowed me to “help out” once I became old enough. One of my tasks was to organize and revise his patient list. Then prepare birthday cards each month for all of his “Children.” Buying corporate birthday cards in bulk was not yet available.

Dad made sure that they received this personal touch for the first sixteen years of their lives. I would go each month to purchase the cards and address, stamp and mail them at the appropriate time.

Now my own client list would be a full time employee’s position! I still choose to emulate the wisdom of appreciating all of my customers and employees with this friendly gesture. The Gallery Collection provides the best quality and selection of any other company that I have seen. It is the fastest and easiest way to always have the cards on hand. Of course purchasing bulk birthday cards also provides me with lower pricing. Most times the cost per card is far less than one would find on a rack in a store.

I know that I could have a copy of my signature printed in the cards, and I may have to do that in the future, but until it becomes necessary I will continue to hand-sign them. The feedback from the recipients is too gratifying for me to change anything yet.

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