Choosing Our Yearly Birthday Cards

Choosing yearly birthday cards shouldn’t be so hard, right? You pick a card and customize it! Done! Not so fast. I get my catalog from The Gallery Collection and that is when the problem begins. It is not because the designs don’t look good. It is because they look so good! Every design is beautiful. They are enhanced with foil and many are embossed. If you don’t see a design in the catalog, there are many more available on The Gallery Collection website.

Because I can never make up my mind, I request samples. I then show them to my colleagues. Having the actual card in hand, allows us to make a choice, knowing that the recipients will be just as impressed as we are. Here are just a few of our choices:

Design 305326 Glittery Confection Card – The cupcake on this design looks good enough to eat. It is highlighted with shades of blue and foil confetti. This is sure to be a hit.

Design 305328 Sweet Sentiments Birthday – Colorful frosted cupcakes each have their own birthday sentiment. Enhanced with gold foil, this card is a standout.

Design 305414 Contemporary Gifts Birthday Card – Sophisticated birthday presents adorn this photo. It is mounted on the card and is framed in gold refractive foil.

Design 305334 Forest Friends Birthday Card – When you want to send a “From the Gang” design, this card is sure to delight. Whimsical animals are ready to party. The gold embossed lettering and colorful critters invoke thoughts of celebration.

How to Customize Your Corporate Birthday Cards

When it comes to corporate birthday cards, there are 5 ways to customize them.

Logo – Using the company logo gives a professional impression that beats a text imprint. No matter the complexity, your logo will fit and look great inside your corporate birthday cards.

Signature – Every business has an Executive Team, whether it be a small business owner and her husband or a Fortune 500 company. Give that personal touch by having their signatures marked in foil on every birthday card. Wouldn’t that make an employee feel good?

Foil – When it comes to cards, there is ink… but then there is foil. Foil, just like trading cards, improve overall quality and attractiveness. Ink never shines (unless it is still wet!) but foil will shine brilliantly forever. Foil makes a great custom feel to business Christmas cards.

Greeting – Want to really show your employees your creativity? Hit them with a custom greeting! Maybe throw in your company’s motto, or an inspirational quote.

All of the Above! – Using a combination of customizations will only make your custom birthday cards more awe-inspiring. Why do one when you can have it all?

Birthday Cards in the Office Elevate Morale

Why give birthday cards to your coworkers? It’s fun and it makes them feel good. The question is what kind of card should I send? Well that’s part of the fun part. Do you really the people you spend one third of your life with? Give it a try now.

Is the person sitting next to you a happy person or do they appear down too often? They may need some cheering up so let’s get them something funny or cute. Do they like puppies or are they a foodie? There’s your start, get to know the people you work with better and when it is their birthday they will appreciate you taking the time to understand what they like.

Here are a few tips:

  • If the person seems like a grouch, they may have problems at home or have bad arthritis, so kill them with kindness and send a warm card on their birthday.
  • If the person is always joking, they will probably appreciate a funny card.
  • If the person is a gossip, don’t give them any fuel to feed the gossip mill, send them a card with a very neutral message.
  • If you really dislike the person, send a card anyway but don’t bother thinking about it too much.

The best approach is to have a ready supply of different designs available so you are always ready when birthdays come around. People appreciate you thinking about them and they will show it. The atmosphere of friendliness makes the morale so much better when you work in an office.

Corporate Birthday Party Ideas

Nothing is better than a birthday party with friends and family. But you know what can be really nice? A birthday party with your co-workers and managers. You don’t often get to talk to everyone in the office so what better time than your Birthday party? However, along with everyone’s attention comes responsibility. GREAT responsibility I dare say. You have to be ready to mingle. What does mingling entail you ask? Mingling entails talking and caring. Luck for you, Mr. Mingle is open for business and is ready to give you the low down on corporate birthday party ideas for mingling.


Below is a crash course on what to say when you come across co-workers form other departments that you do not really speak to on a regular basis.

Scene 1: Phyllis from accounting comes over to you and wishes you a happy birthday. The last time you spoke to her was when they hired you so you don’t know much about her.

Phyllis: Hey Mr. Mingle, Happy Birthday!
Mr. Mingle: Thanks Phyllis, I appreciate the warm wishes. Did I mention how much I love the way you organized your cubicle? It’s truly a work of art. It makes everyone else’s look like they bought theirs at Ikea and only got through half of the instruction manual.
Phyllis: Wow Mr. Mingle, no one has commented on it. Thanks for noticing! That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Ever.

• Phyllis just went from a co-worker to one of your most trusted compadres. Consider Phyllis Mingled.

Scene 2: Mark from accounting grabs a slice of your birthday cake and just stands right above it while he eats it. Unbenounced to him, he is creating an impenetrable force field between your fellow co-workers and the delicious birthday cake. Clearly you have to get him away from the cake. How you say? Stop worrying, Mr. Mingle has you covered.

In this scenario you must be standing at least 10 feet away from Mark.
Mr. Mingle (Low Whispering Voice): Hey Mark, how are you liking that birthday cake?
Mark: What’s that Mr. mingle, I cant make out what your saying.
Mr. Mingle (Low Whispering Voice): I said, how are you liking that birthday cake?
Mark: Let me come closer to you, I am having trouble hearing what you are saying.

Mark was intrigued by what you have to say but he couldn’t hear it. So what did he do? He left his post at the birthday cake and made his way over to you.

• High fives all around from hungry co-workers who can now enjoy some of that delicious cake. Mark has been Mingled.


Mr. Mingle – Out

The Subtle Advantage of Corporate Birthday Cards

Everyone knows how great it feels to be remembered on his or her birthday. Cards, gifts and well wishes make a special day even more so, and we tend to remember those who take a moment out of their day to brighten ours. But there’s a not-so-secret bonus found in the practice of sending corporate birthday cards.

Corporate Birthday Cards

When a company sends a valued client or business associate a birthday card, they’re taking advantage of a terrific opportunity to stand out from others as one that goes above and beyond. And in the same vein as sending a thank you note after an interview, it offers the chance to bring you and your business back to mind in a positive, meaningful way. It’s a physical reminder of a connection, and its presence conveys thoughtfulness, consideration and, let’s faces it, a level of class. That card becomes a visual link to your company, one that carries with it all the positive impressions you expect to be associated with your business, not to mention bringing your name to mind time and again like a not-so-subtle whisper in their ear.

Having a selection of assorted birthday cards at the ready means you’ll never miss this professionally personal opportunity to showcase your company in a positive light. It’s a small gesture that ensures yours is the name that comes to mind long after the card has been tucked away and it’s back to business.

Buying Birthday Cards – Exasperating or Enjoyable?

The pain! The agony! Can’t I put it off for another day? What is this dreadful task, you want to know? Shopping for birthday cards! (insert horror music here). Sorry for being so dramatic, but I really can’t stand this time-consuming, tedious chore. Now let’s make it clear – I think sending birthday cards are wonderful. My clients are so appreciative and look forward to receiving them each year. But the process of going to the store to buy them just annoys me!

birthday cards

We’ve all gone through it. The monotony of reading every category on those tiny little label things that stick out behind each slot of cards to find what you’re looking for. Fast forward 20 minutes later: you’re still pacing up and down the card aisle with different designs in hand. Is that sparkly one TOO sparkly? Does this greeting sound business-like enough? Finally, you make a decision. Just when you think you’re done, you notice there’s no matching envelope! You end up stealing an envelope from another card and hope it fits (we’ve all done it). You walk up to the register and the clerk mutters “$4.99”, without blinking an eye. What?! For a card?! You have no choice – if you don’t send the card now, it will get there late.

Does this sound all too familiar? Well, fear not, my fellow birthday card buyers! I’ve found a solution that saves time and money: The Gallery Collection. They have beautiful, high-quality corporate birthday cards (with matching envelopes, of course) for fantastic prices. The ordering process is actually enjoyable and it takes a fraction of the time. Sayonara, local card store!

Corporate Birthday Cards Always Make Me Feel Special

I have received some of the best birthday cards from several employers. Every year for my birthday I optimize the “It’s all about me on my birthday” factor where ever I go, even work. I walk through lunch rooms, offices, and even restrooms to let all of my coworkers know that my birthday is approaching. I love the fact that more and more companies are taking the time to send corporate birthday cards to their employees. It may seem pointless or like an unnecessary luxury but it will boost confidence and morale for your employees. It makes them feel inspired, appreciated, and important even, all because of a small gesture from the company on their special day.

Corporate Birthday Cards

I once pranced around thanking every single employee that signed my birthday card, not knowing why everyone found it hilarious. Well, I took the time to ask our manager why my thank you tickled everyone so much. He looked at me with regret then took me into the office and started digging through a pretty cardboard box. Very seriously he said, “This does not mean that we don’t appreciate you or your hard work, it’s just very time consuming to keep track of everyone’s birthday.” With a confused look on my face I asked “Is that what I think it is?” He humbly responded “Yes it is. We order bulk birthday cards.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It doesn’t matter if the cards are ordered in bulk or signed in advance. Working in an office where your birthday is remembered and you are appreciated in wonderful!

Birthday Cards – Can’t Get Any Easier Than That

I am in charge of sending out our employee birthday cards every month. I try to make my list early in the year and file my list by month. I add to this as needed. Each month I try to corral the managers and supervisors and have each one of them sign each card personally. It isn’t always easy though. It seems like someone is always out of the office when I need them. I was thinking that there must be an easier way.

Birthday Cards

There was also the inconvenience of purchasing the cards and I was having a hard time finding what I wanted at the store, not to mention that it was becoming quite costly. I decided to search the web for a supplier of corporate birthday cards. So I went online and came across The Gallery Collection. There were over 100 birthday designs to choose from. The prices were very reasonable and after looking through all the choices, I finally decided to request a few samples. They were all beautiful, but after much consideration, we decided on two designs. On one set I had our company name imprinted below the greeting. On the other, I decided to have our signatures imprinted, as well. This way we can hand sign and personalize the cards we want. The second design I will use when I just can’t get everyone together to sign. The signatures will already be there. It can’t get much easier than this.

Corporate Birthday Cards To Keep Team Spirit High

I recently had a strange occurrence at my place of employment regarding sending out corporate birthday cards. I am a new manger at a fairly large company. I have about twenty people under my guidance who are all skilled professionals, so, in order to help keep spirits up, I decided to start a monthly celebration for all birthdays occurring in the month. We would meet at a predetermined time each month and have some sort of dessert, like a cake or ice cream. So, the first month I tried this I had everything planned, and I called my team over to the meeting area, it seems that almost everyone was pleasantly surprised, please note, that I said almost everyone. There happened to be three birthdays to celebrate this month and I had three separate birthday cards ready to go.

Now, as I started to welcome everybody and explain that this would be a monthly celebration, and I saw a employee slowly start to back away and appear to hide, I didn’t think anything of it. When it was time to announce the birthdays, I call the first and second one without a hitch, and when I call the third, there is no response and I find out that this was the woman that was sneaking away. Well, I didn’t want to push the issue, so I let it go. We ate cake, talked and returned to our work area. I took this time to call the employee into my office where the woman laughed nervously and said, “I’m turning 40 and I’m having a hard time celebrating!”

Big Business or Small Business – Corporate Birthday Cards are a Plus

When my father started his pediatric practice nearly thirty years ago, he allowed me to “help out” once I became old enough. One of my tasks was to organize and revise his patient list. Then prepare birthday cards each month for all of his “Children.” Buying corporate birthday cards in bulk was not yet available.

Dad made sure that they received this personal touch for the first sixteen years of their lives. I would go each month to purchase the cards and address, stamp and mail them at the appropriate time.

Now my own client list would be a full time employee’s position! I still choose to emulate the wisdom of appreciating all of my customers and employees with this friendly gesture. The Gallery Collection provides the best quality and selection of any other company that I have seen. It is the fastest and easiest way to always have the cards on hand. Of course purchasing bulk birthday cards also provides me with lower pricing. Most times the cost per card is far less than one would find on a rack in a store.

I know that I could have a copy of my signature printed in the cards, and I may have to do that in the future, but until it becomes necessary I will continue to hand-sign them. The feedback from the recipients is too gratifying for me to change anything yet.