A Little Comfort from Boxed Sympathy Cards

by Henry L. on April 16, 2012

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It is always unexpected to lose a loved one; to receive that dreaded telephone call that someone special in your life has passed on. No one is ever quite prepared for it, especially when the person who has lost someone is either a colleague or superior at work. It is often difficult to formulate what to say to them. But with boxed sympathy cards you can tastefully let the grieving know that everyone from the company is still there for him or her. Sometimes, that little comfort makes all the difference.

Business should always keep sympathy cards on hand. Instead of spending time running to the store as soon as you hear the news, an awaiting stack of cards can save time and be deployed quickly to the grieving employee. Sympathy cards give the employee something to hold on to…to read over and over for comfort. The Gallery Collection’s line of business sympathy cards are simple and elegant; the image on the front of each design is soft enough to match your words on the inside.

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