Sending Boxed Sympathy Cards to Co-Workers

Although you might not know the person in all the cubicles in the office or in every department, when someone loses a loved one something tugs at the heart strings especially. The need to send boxed sympathy cards and acknowledge their loss looms large. Family is so important to many of us; it is a void that never gets filled.

It happened to me. I lost both my grandparents and they were waked together.  Although they died under different circumstances, their deaths made all the local papers. It was such a love story even at the time of their passing away.  They were married for 75 years and were never separated, so when they died in this manner it was emotional reading for the romantic at heart.  I received sympathy cards from people I hadn’t heard from in many years from all aspects of my life, personal and business.  My grandparents were a big part of my life, my friends and business acquaintances knew them, some better than others. My grandfather’s smile is so vivid in my mind; it makes me laugh when I think of him. Talk about lighting up a room! My grandmother would cook for any one that mentioned that they were hungry. They would even deliver the food!

Sharing these stories to others while my grandparents were alive, made their time of death remembered by so many.  It was comforting to me that so many people knew of them and respected my family ties.

Sending Sympathy Cards – Show Someone You Care

Becoming older has its rewards; the kids are on their own, the mortgage is paid, knowing that retirement is so close you can taste it. Yes, there are many benefits but there is one aspect of aging that I am not enjoying. So many of my friends and colleagues are losing loved ones…too many really! I seem to be sending as many sympathy cards as I am birthday cards, how sad.

I think it is important to send a sympathy card to someone who has experienced a loss. It’s the people that are left behind that need the condolence. We have all experienced loss; remember how it felt?  Now remember how it felt to read lovely, soothing words of condolence from friends. Having boxed sympathy cards on hand lets the family know that you feel the loss also.

When composing sympathy cards, keep them simple. Here are some suggestions:

–          Our thoughts and prayers are with you

–          Our deepest sympathy

–          With deepest sympathy

–          With heartfelt condolences

–          Please accept my condolences

–          I am sorry for your loss

Also sign your full name and put a return address on the envelope; this will make the job of sending thank you cards a little easier.

A Little Comfort from Boxed Sympathy Cards

It is always unexpected to lose a loved one; to receive that dreaded telephone call that someone special in your life has passed on. No one is ever quite prepared for it, especially when the person who has lost someone is either a colleague or superior at work. It is often difficult to formulate what to say to them. But with boxed sympathy cards you can tastefully let the grieving know that everyone from the company is still there for him or her. Sometimes, that little comfort makes all the difference.

Business should always keep sympathy cards on hand. Instead of spending time running to the store as soon as you hear the news, an awaiting stack of cards can save time and be deployed quickly to the grieving employee. Sympathy cards give the employee something to hold on to…to read over and over for comfort. The Gallery Collection’s line of business sympathy cards are simple and elegant; the image on the front of each design is soft enough to match your words on the inside.