Business Anniversary Cards Can Make your Employees Feel Special

My company sends out business greeting cards to all its employees for their birthdays and for the anniversaries of their employment. Since I’m usually the one signing the cards and not the recipient I never gave much thought to how I’d feel if I didn’t receive a card for one of my special days. And, on occasion, I have forgotten to send business anniversary cards out, which is not a very good thing for morale as I soon learned.

I was celebrating my 40th year at my company and kind of felt like I was being ignored because I hadn’t received any type of card to acknowledge this day. Each of the Executives stopped by in person and congratulated me but I felt let down because it seemed like any other day to them – not my special day!

Then later that morning I found the nicest business anniversary card on my desk. It was signed by all the Executives with kind words of recognition for all my years of service. I never realized just how good it could feel to be on the receiving end of an anniversary card! Each person made it a point of writing a special remembrance to signify the importance of this special time for me. By giving me this card they made me feel that my anniversary mattered and was special to them.

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