Appreciate Your Employees with Anniversary Cards

     Who doesn’t like being praised? It is human nature to feel the need to know that what we do matters. When we are children we look to our parents for praise that we’re doing things as they should be done and as we get older we get the feedback from teachers and coaches. Once in the work field it is easy to forget to praise employees and in my opinion that is very important for the morale of the company. We should be appreciating our employees when they do their job well and go above and beyond. Even more we should show them that appreciation on their anniversary with the company. There is no better way to show the employee that you care then with a wonderful anniversary card.

Colorful Ribbon Anniversary Card - Design H4RAY
Colorful Ribbon Anniversary Card – Design H4RAY


     Such a simple yet wonderful gesture to show that what they do and their role in the company matters. Anniversaries are special no matter the occasion and in this day in age not a whole lot of companies are seeing that as an opportunity to give their employee acknowledgement. With a beautiful card we can help boost the morale of the company and show someone that you remembered. Most times it’s the small things a person does that others appreciate most.

When to Give Employee Anniversary Cards

When it’s your wedding anniversary you’d better give anniversary cards, this is a lesson I learned years ago. I could get all the jewelry money could buy, but if I don’t get that card it’s as if I hadn’t done a thing, which means no sleep for a week. I buy flowers, jewelry, etc. and here’s the reaction, “What,  no card?! What kind of husband are you?”

With that said, let’s talk about employee anniversary cards. You know, the ones your company, if you are lucky enough, give you every year. The business anniversary card that tells you how much they appreciate you and the many years of loyal and dedicated service you have given them. That makes such a big impact on an employee who is dedicated to his company. Personally, I like that acknowledgement. At my company everyone receives a card every year to mark the length of their employment. Not only do you receive a card, it’s given to you directly from the CEO or President of the company.

In a week I will be receiving corporate greeting cards from either the president or the CEO of the company I work for. It will be my 5 year anniversary. Having my hard work recognized gives me a good feeling. Sending anniversary cards to employees and co-workers is good for everyone.

The Great Anniversary Cards Caper

How can I incorporate my love of reality television with my love of cards? This question has been on my mind as of late. I’ve decided to come up with a pitch for a new show called The Great Anniversary Cards Caper. The premise will have a group of contestants who will give out business anniversary cards to employees of a chosen company.

We will keep the number of contestants to ten. The contestants will be given an assignment at a different company every week where they will have to discover who is having an anniversary with the company that week. They cannot say who they are or what they are looking for. They will need the gift of gab to get people talking about their time with the company and incorporate that into the business anniversary cards they will design. The cards will be in the form of a sandwich board and used to celebrate the anniversaries of employees for that week.

The companies will also be happy to participate as they will get an employee to help out for a week, they will get free anniversary cards for their employees, and they will be on television. Can we say free advertising?

The contestants will be judged on their ability to get along with others, the amount of information they acquire, and their imaginative anniversary cards presentation. I love this idea. The second season can be birthday cards for employees. I am sending this idea to Mark Burnett as we speak. Wish me luck.

Design #340AY – Sparkling Stars Anniversary

I love the joy of design #340AY, Sparkling Stars Anniversary Card. Anniversaries mean so much to people. Of course we all think of wedding anniversaries, but there are many business anniversaries to be celebrated as well.

The absolute happiness that this embossed star exudes is intensified by the beautiful rose hued gold foil with overtones of bronze. The liberally sprinkled “star dust” adds a delicacy that offsets the bold and brilliant star.

Business anniversary cards can serve a few purposes. You can honor individuals for their loyal service or you can announce the fact that you have been in business for so many years. Either way you are able to remind workers, or customers, and to announce to prospects that you have been here for them and are always ready to fulfill needs.

Design #340AY - Sparkling Stars Anniversary Card
Design #340AY - Sparkling Stars Anniversary Card

This card is an eye-catcher. The person who receives it – a customer, worker, vendor or friend – will appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

Business Anniversary Cards Can Make your Employees Feel Special

My company sends out business greeting cards to all its employees for their birthdays and for the anniversaries of their employment. Since I’m usually the one signing the cards and not the recipient I never gave much thought to how I’d feel if I didn’t receive a card for one of my special days. And, on occasion, I have forgotten to send business anniversary cards out, which is not a very good thing for morale as I soon learned.

I was celebrating my 40th year at my company and kind of felt like I was being ignored because I hadn’t received any type of card to acknowledge this day. Each of the Executives stopped by in person and congratulated me but I felt let down because it seemed like any other day to them – not my special day!

Then later that morning I found the nicest business anniversary card on my desk. It was signed by all the Executives with kind words of recognition for all my years of service. I never realized just how good it could feel to be on the receiving end of an anniversary card! Each person made it a point of writing a special remembrance to signify the importance of this special time for me. By giving me this card they made me feel that my anniversary mattered and was special to them.

Recognize your Employees with Business Anniversary Cards

Anniversaries are a milestone whether personal or business. Sending business anniversary cards is a wonderful way to recognize the importance of your employees. Design #401AR, Anniversary Balloon Wishes Card, is a light-hearted card. Pastel balloons and streamers float along glossy paper stock with good wishes for a Happy Anniversary. This design is sure to bring joyous feelings to employees on their special day. Making someone feel special is a great way to show employees you care.

Design #401AR - Anniversary Balloon Wishes Card
Design #401AR - Anniversary Balloon Wishes Card

A “Happy Anniversary” sentiment-filled banner, accompanied by bright stars of varying colors makes design #634AY, Anniversary Wishes Card, the perfect design for your business anniversary cards. The variegated nature of the foil will show slight differences in each card. This design is both classic and joyful suiting the tastes of all recipients. We often have a hard time determining whether the card we want to send is appropriate for a man or a woman. This thought does not need to cross anyone’s mind that selects design #634AY for their employees. The smooth ecru paper stock compliments this design. Anyone would be happy to have the day they started with the company remembered in such a tasteful way.

Design #634AY - Anniversary Wishes Card
Design #634AY - Anniversary Wishes Card

Why Business Anniversary Cards are the Best

I love anniversary cards! And, business anniversary cards are the best! I’ll tell you why. If you’re someone who’s blessed with loving family, caring friends, and congenial co-workers, you may find yourself just a bit jaded about receiving lots of birthday cards and Christmas cards, and even get well cards when you’re ailing.

If you’re married, you pretty much expect to exchange anniversary cards with your mate. But, how many wedding anniversary cards are sent to you every year? Odds are, if you’ve been married for over a year, unless you’re celebrating a special anniversary such as your 25th or 50th, you are receiving few or none outside of your own household. However, that’s not the only type of anniversary you might be celebrating!

For instance, a wonderful realtor helped me to find my current home. I hope to live in this house for the rest of my life. I remember the realtor’s name but don’t know which agency she may now be working with. I’d be pleased to recommend her to others. If she had thought to send me business anniversary cards each October to note my happy purchase, not only would it make me feel great, it would also let me know where to send my house-hunting friends.

Employment anniversaries are something of a big deal where I work. That’s probably because it’s such a great place to come to every day that it’s common for employees to stay for decades, and for them to work so conscientiously that they are encouraged to stay. One means of encouragement is the business anniversary card each employee receives annually to mark their date of hire. These cards are proudly displayed by each recipient. Not only is there a hand-written note in each to denote which anniversary is being acknowledged and to whom, but all of the company’s executive officers along with the recipient’s department managers writes his or her own personal note and signature. This seemingly small gesture means a great, great deal.

Business Anniversary Cards Create a Puzzled Response

I had just celebrated my ninth anniversary with my company. I was so happy to receive business anniversary cards acknowledging my years of service that I proudly displayed them on my shelf at work. A few days later, I was nice enough to allow a friend of mine to borrow my car to run a few errands while her car was in the shop. Meaghan was dropped off at my office to pick up my keys and was going to pick me up after my work day had ended. I was busy assisting a customer with an order when she arrived so she quickly busied herself by looking at all the knick knacks, decorations, and photos I had displayed around my desk. She picked up one of the anniversary cards on my shelf and began to open it with a puzzled look on her face. She caught my eye and mouthed “who sent you an anniversary card at work?”

I had completed the call at that point and explained to her who the card was from. The card has been signed by both of my managers and the president and owner of the company. The brief but thoughtful comments made by the people I work with even brought a smile to my friends face. She couldn’t believe that the company took the time to send personally signed anniversary cards to all their staff members. “What a morale booster!” Meaghan stated. She quickly asked for a catalog she could bring into her office the next day. She wanted to show her human resources department the cards. Meaghan couldn’t think of a better way to recognize an anniversary with the company and come to think of it, neither could I.

A Business Anniversary Cards Dinosaur Milestone

This morning Melody B. was greeted at work by a business anniversary cards signed by our Chairman of the Board, our President, the managers she reports to, and myself – her supervisor. Twenty years in a company is certainly a milestone! It shows years of dedication and loyalty. Melody has been a customer service rep at our company for twenty years today. Of course, we will be celebrating her anniversary, along with the other three employees that are also celebrating their 20th year, at a party given by the company in the spring. At the party, Melody, along with the other three employees, will be inducted into the Dinosaur Club, a very prestigious club here at The Gallery Collection. All members of the Dinosaur Club have been with the company for at least 20 years. The club has grown quite large since its inception. We now have a total of 38 dinosaurs – 24 that are still working!

Melody was excited to receive the business anniversary greeting cards, and we were as thrilled by her anniversary as she was. We will also be having goodies later today to celebrate this great day. Our company is special in the way it treats its employees. Our employees show their appreciation by their loyalty, dedication, and service to our customers. Melody and the others that handle our customer calls every day epitomize what The Gallery Collection means when we say that customer satisfaction is our primary objective.

It is a pleasure to listen to Melody when she speaks with her customers. In this day when service to customers is so rare, callers are surprised when they experience her warmth and sincerity. She receives many complimentary letters and notes from our customers. Because we are a seasonal business, we hire many seasonal employees later in the year. Sitting new seasonal employees near Melody is a training experience in itself. They quickly learn that our customers are very important to us and we want them to show the same warmth and caring to their contacts that Melody shows to hers.

It’s been such a pleasure knowing Melody and working with her for the past 20 years. She is a delight…always smiling and her wit makes every day a new experience. She is our pet laureate and song write extraordinaire. Melody usually writes a song for all our celebrations and events, which includes our Dinosaur Club parties. Happy Anniversary, Melody! Thanks for choosing The Gallery Collection for that job interview 20 years ago. It’s been a great tip!

Anniversary Cards: Is it Really too Much to Expect Them?

I really don’t need gifts, but is it too much to expect anniversary cards? I receive business anniversary cards from my company, The Gallery Collection, commemorating the wonderful day I first walked through the door. Well, not really. It’s more about the anniversary of when I started working on a regular basis because I had worked on a seasonal basis for several years before becoming a regular employee. Yes, I know it’s a greeting card company, but that doesn’t mean that they have to send me an anniversary card.

You would think that my husband would remember that he was lucky enough to marry me 35 years ago. Ok, so maybe the fire distracted him. Well, is that really a good enough excuse? Didn’t he think about getting me an anniversary card before our anniversary?

Oh, you want to hear about the fire? On my anniversary, I received a call at work from my son. With a slightly hysterical tone, he says “THE GARAGE IS ON FIRE!” It seems my husband and son were having a leisurely lunch when someone knocked on the door and said “You have to get out – the garage is on fire.” Well, what good would it do for me to go home and stand outside and watch, especially since I have asthma? So I stayed at work and kept getting updates from my husband and son.

When I went home at my usual time, I walked into chaos. It seemed the whole family was there plus the neighbors, the firemen, the police, and assorted unknowns. The garage was burned, wet, and smoke damaged. The siding on the back of the house was melted along with the neighbors siding and all the patio furniture. How it didn’t damage the car in the driveway is beyond my comprehension. Everybody hung around until almost ten o’clock and had pizza (which I paid for) and nobody even wished me a Happy Anniversary. Okay, maybe they were preoccupied.

After the last person departed, I sarcastically asked my husband, “Is it really too much to expect an anniversary card?” Hopefully he’ll redeem himself in a few months by giving me some fantastic birthday cards!