Celebrate Your Valuable Employees with Anniversary Cards

Making an employee feel valuable is essential to any company’s bottom line. An employee who feels respected by his or her company is going to work harder for that company. Giving anniversary cards to your employees is a simple way to show an employee how important they really are. Who doesn’t feel special when they receive an anniversary card? It says not only am I just a number, but I am someone my employer remembers and cares about.

A result in giving your employees anniversary cards will be a positive work environment. You are basically giving an acknowledgement of your employee’s commitment to the company. Making an employee feel that their year has been a noted success will inspire the employee to work harder and stay an asset to your company. Think how you personally feel when someone acknowledges you and your dedication. There is nothing like this feeling. When you feel good, your feelings are spread to those around you. Anniversary cards can in fact lead to a positive work environment for all.

Anniversary cards for your employees are a simple way to build your staff without going too elaborate. Create a system that alerts you daily with all of your employees’ start dates. You can check this daily and personally drop by his or her desk with the card. Making it personal will give you the opportunity to see the joy you have created with your gesture of an anniversary card. Remember, if you show someone they are valuable they will want to impress you further!

8 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Valuable Employees with Anniversary Cards”

  1. We always give our employees a card and token of our appreciation on their anniversary. I make sure that we have an Anniversary Assortment Box on hand at all times.

  2. My company gives Anniversary cards signed by all the top executives and the recipient’s supervisors. It is a welcome gesture and it gives me the opportunity to look back nostalgically at my first year with the company noting all the changes that have occurred since then. However in recent years, these cards serve as a reminder of my start date because after 25 years with the company I tend to sometimes forget when I started my job!

  3. Receiving an Anniversary card signed by all the top executives & supervisors is a very special acknowledgment to receive..

  4. I like the idea of a top executive stopping by to hand deliver the anniversary card. This is a very nice personal touch which says you are important!

  5. It’s a given that I will remember my work anniversary but for my boss to acknowledge it makes you feel appreciated!

  6. I think it is more important to give your employees an Anniversary card then to give a Birthday Card. Thank your employees for their years of service: Give an Anniversary card. I think it goes a long way.

  7. I completely agree with “An employee who feels respected by his or her company is going to work harder for that company.” I appreciate that my company treats me well, and I hope that everyone can relate someday.

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