New Year’s Cards – March to Your Own Tune

“Dare to be different”. This is the motto I try to live by.  Sure being conventional has its pluses but doing the expected tends to make a person blend in with the rest.  I want to be remembered by my quirkiness and somewhat exotic take on life.  This year I am making a statement by sending my customers, friends, and relatives New Year’s cards.  Marching to my own tune is the way I want to live my life.

I found a creative way to make a lasting impression is to celebrate New Years by mailing cards to all the people in my life.  New Year’s cards are so exciting and fun to share with others.  Most companies and individuals send out Thanksgiving or Christmas cards between the beginning of November and December 15.  People receive these cards excitedly and they get put in a pile of similar other cards.  Sadly, they are soon forgotten.  My New Year’s card will arrive right after the Christmas rush with wishes of a prosperous, healthy, and successful New Year.  They will be ornamented with glasses of the bubbly and blowing, colorful confetti.  These are sure to bring a smile.

Marching to my own tune is made easy with the ability to send New Year’s cards to everyone on my list.  Not only do I show my unique style, but I am remembered for my thoughtful touch after the crazy Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

Grab Bag Gift Ideas for the Office Holiday Party

Are you worried about being a part of the office holiday party because the buying of a miscellaneous gift for a mysterious person is daunting?  Well, time to be creative.  Buying a grab bag gift for the office holiday party can be fun.  Make the most of it and be creative.  I know it is easy to just run out a wrap a gift card up, but anyone can do that.  Gift cards are great but presents are even better.  The excitement of opening an odd shaped item or a crazy wrapped box is part of the fun.

Don’t know the sex, age, marital status or interest of the person?  Not a problem!  Here are some great gift ideas that almost anyone could appreciate but would not spend the money on themselves.

•    Scrabble anyone?  A board game is something all can enjoy.  They can bring the family together to make up for all time the dedicated employee spends at work.
•    Puzzles/Books?  Enough with the family time. Give a book or puzzle so your coworker has a mental escape from life.
•    Give a night out.  These are things we seldom splurge on for ourselves.  Give the gift of movie or play tickets along with a dinner gift certificate.
•    Another great idea:  Gift baskets.  Get a decorative basket and fill it with goodies such as popcorn, chocolate, chips, candy….
•    Wine anyone?  How about the monthly programs out there where a person will receive a different wine, dessert, lobster, or steak every month?  This is a gift that keeps on giving.
•    The cold weather is now approaching so why not give gifts for the car?  An emergency kit, a funky ice scrapper, snow brush, etc. will definitely be appreciated on those difficult mornings.

Don’t be afraid to dive right in and give the grab bag gift that the entire office is talking about.  It is easy and fun to be part of the company grab bag.  Have a happy holiday by giving a gift anyone would appreciate.

Get Creative and Upload Your Own Card Design

Want to make a one of a kind statement with your holiday cards this season?  Well, now is your chance to get creative and upload your own card design.  There are many different ways to send your holiday wishes, but a card that is different from the rest is a card that is remembered.

All year long a company’s customers deal with representatives and many times this sight unseen.  Uploading your own card design gives them a chance to get a glimpse of the person or people they have been dealing with.  It is also fun on the company end to get everyone together and snap a few photos of the group.  If getting the gang together is not so easy, how about making the front of this year’s card a picture of your logo?  Everyone will take notice of your company.

Not a company?  Photo cards are also a great idea to show your friends and family how much everyone has grown over the last twelve months.  You can be serious or silly, but no matter what you choose, I can guarantee you card will be one of a kind.  Another creative way to spice up your holiday card and make it one of a kind is to upload your own design of your favorite moments throughout the year.  Did you buy a new house, take a fabulous vacation, celebrate a special event?  I sent a great holiday card with a picture of Waikiki beach at sunset featuring the swaying palm trees and the rolling waves.  This card definitely made a statement and also made everyone jealous.  Upload your own design card if you want your card to be the one that makes a lasting impression.

All Purpose Cards Are There For Any Occasion

Keeping all purpose cards on hand is always a great idea.  These cards can be used at a moment’s notice for whatever the occasion brings.  Sometimes all a person needs is the simplicity and warmth of a card to let them know they matter.  In good times and bad, all purpose cards will make an impact on the recipient.

All purpose cards can result in changing the mood or enhancing the energy of another person.  The employee who just found out her father is sick can find comfort in the Sunny Hopes and Well Wishes card.  The co-worker who just purchased a brand new house can relish in the Contemporary Congratulations card.  The Garden Path Painting Greeting card is perfect to inspire a friend who may be at a crossroads in life.  Cards are a form of expression that someone can look back at and be reminded that they are not experiencing life alone.

All purpose cards are there for any occasion with always a single purpose:  to make a person feel connected to another.  I know whether I am feeling alone and sad or happy and excited, it is always nice to know that there is someone else sympathizing or relishing in my feelings.  I want the people in my life to feel special which is why I make sure I always take full advantage of all purpose cards.

Why You Should Send Thank You Cards After a Job Interview

With the job market the way it is, finding a job you love can be a challenging venture.  Once you get that key interview, I can guarantee you that there are many more applicants also interviewing for the position.  Sending a follow up Thank You Card after a job interview can be a special thing that sets you apart from all the others.  So many great candidates are out there vying for that one awesome job.  Standing out above the others is the one aspect you need to make a mark.


A thank you card after a job interview keeps you fresh in the mind of the interviewer.  A person can make a major impact by presenting themselves as well versed during the interview but so can many other people.  Most applicants will have on that classic business suit, their hair and makeup groomed to perfection and the firm handshake necessary to win the job of their dreams.  But how can you make yourself be remembered if everyone else is also putting their best foot forward?

When the person in charge of hiring is finally alone after the interviewing process and in a state of total confusion by all the wonderful prospects, wouldn’t it be great for him to find a thank you card from you on his desk?  It will show him that this wasn’t just any old interview, but a job you care about and are willing to go the extra mile for.  Sending a Thank You Card after an interview will make you remembered by human resources!

Employee Birthday Cards Lift Office Spirits

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I know when I hear those words or receive a card my initial reaction is a big smile.  Most people expect that yearly card from their moms, kids, other family members.  But sometimes it’s the little gesture from an unexpected source that makes that big smile into a huge smile coming straight from the heart.  Employee birthday cards are just the thing to bring on this feeling.

bday photo

Giving employee birthday cards will lift the spirit and make the employee feel valued and special.  Last year, my supervisor gave me a birthday card and I was shocked.  The feeling of warmth made me feel joy the entire day.  This is an easy way to make me know that the company I work for doesn’t just care about the productivity I am generating, but that the company cares about me as an individual.

Employee birthday cards can change a person’s attitude for the better.  A simple card shows that you are sincerely appreciated for all that you do.  Knowing that you matter to your boss leaves you with an uplifting feeling.  If the employee feels honored by the acknowledgement, he or she will want to do whatever necessary to make the business successful.  Celebrating an employee’s birthday with a card is a simple way to lift his or her spirits and create a successful work environment.

Celebrate Your Valuable Employees with Anniversary Cards

Making an employee feel valuable is essential to any company’s bottom line. An employee who feels respected by his or her company is going to work harder for that company. Giving anniversary cards to your employees is a simple way to show an employee how important they really are. Who doesn’t feel special when they receive an anniversary card? It says not only am I just a number, but I am someone my employer remembers and cares about.

A result in giving your employees anniversary cards will be a positive work environment. You are basically giving an acknowledgement of your employee’s commitment to the company. Making an employee feel that their year has been a noted success will inspire the employee to work harder and stay an asset to your company. Think how you personally feel when someone acknowledges you and your dedication. There is nothing like this feeling. When you feel good, your feelings are spread to those around you. Anniversary cards can in fact lead to a positive work environment for all.

Anniversary cards for your employees are a simple way to build your staff without going too elaborate. Create a system that alerts you daily with all of your employees’ start dates. You can check this daily and personally drop by his or her desk with the card. Making it personal will give you the opportunity to see the joy you have created with your gesture of an anniversary card. Remember, if you show someone they are valuable they will want to impress you further!

Welcome Cards are Perfect for New Employees

Just imagine: You have joined a new company and have been training all week on a brand new computer system with all new coworkers. You are sent to your cubical surrounded by strangers and the butterflies in your stomach are flying like mad. You sit down and adjust your chair so at least you are a little comfortable. Then a light shines down, you look at the keyboard and see an envelope propped up against the computer screen. Then, you open this card with the word “Welcome” staring back at you. A sigh of relief escapes you…..


Classically Elegant Welcome Card
Classically Elegant Welcome Card – Design 70JAY


Welcome cards are the perfect way to make new employees relax and feel like they have joined the team. It is important to make new personnel have a sense of belonging. It is also imperative that the employee is relaxed and feels safe. They need to have a comfort level so they can ask for assistance if necessary without worrying about how they will be perceived. When I began working for a new company last year and was given a welcome card, I felt that this company and I would be a perfect fit. Most offices and/or companies are like any family or close knit group of friends. It is usually difficult to feel like you fit in and are part of things quickly. Welcome cards aid in the development of relationships between new employees and their new coworkers and bosses.

5 Employee Gift Ideas For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we reflect on things and people we are thankful for. It’s a perfect time to show appreciation for the hard work your employees put in throughout the year. Below are five gift ideas to acknowledge the value of your employees during Thanksgiving.

Have a Great Thanksgiving Card
Have a Great Thanksgiving Card – Design 74WCX


1. Thanksgiving Cards – Greeting cards are an inexpensive, but thoughtful way to show thanks. Personalize the cards with their names and a message wishing them and their families a Happy Thanksgiving. If you have the time, hand deliver the cards to each employee – it’s a nice way to personally communicate that you value them as individuals and opens the door to learn a little about them.

2. Wine – Depending on the nature of your business, a small bottle of wine may be appropriate. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, decorate the top of the bottle with some festive string! Whether your employees choose to enjoy it with their family or give as a gift to someone else, it is a great way to spread seasonal joy.

3. Pie – If your business is a bit too conservative for wine, perhaps you could spread thanks with holiday pies. Apple, pumpkin, pecan, blueberry – choose one, or let your employees choose! They’ll appreciate the thought and be relieved to have something to bring to their relative’s Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Gift Card – Thanksgiving and the holiday season in general tend to become expensive. A generic or supermarket gift card is a considerate gesture for an employee Thanksgiving gift. The flexibility of a gift card allows them to spend it on whatever will make their holiday more special.

5. Potluck/Banquet – Whether you choose to rent a space or coordinate employees to bring their own dishes, a spread of food is always a well-received gesture. Let employees sit, relax and socialize with one another over a good meal. Don’t be shy to have a seat yourself and join in!

Whether it’s giving a gift or sharing some words, the saying “it’s the thought that counts” carries more weight than you may think. Regardless of your budget there is always a way to show appreciation for the people who help run your business. This season, take the time to thank them.