The Saving Grace of Employee Anniversary Cards

An impeccably dressed woman sits alone in a dimly lit restaurant alternately staring at a slowly dwindling candle and a quickly ticking watch. An hour devoid of food or companionship has passed, and as she gets up to leave her table, she sighs with unmistakable disappointment. She pulls her car into the driveway, walks to the front door, and opens it to see her loving yet absentminded husband engrossed in watching the latest get rich quick infomercial while ingesting copious amounts of tortilla chips and nacho cheese. He forgot her on their anniversary. Nobody wants to be this guy. No company wants to treat their employees this way on their anniversaries either. A great way to show your employees you care is to give them employee anniversary cards to mark their commitment to your organization.

The success of any company ultimately rests on the strength of its employees, and anniversary cards present a simple, tasteful way to show appreciation for their years of dedication and service to your organization. Certainly, gifts are a thoughtful, generous gesture to extend to employees when they reach important milestones. However, anniversary cards have that incomparable power of heartfelt language that can truly tell individuals how you feel. So, if you are unsure about how to thank your arduous employees or accidently overlooked them altogether, you may just find your saving grace in the kind words nestled inside a beautifully designed anniversary card.

2 thoughts on “The Saving Grace of Employee Anniversary Cards”

  1. The company I work for has been doing this for many years now. We employees get so used to it that one year when they forgot to give me mine, I didn;t know what to do. I didn’t want to have to tell them that they forgot me but I knew they would be so upset when they realized they forgot to give me the card. As it turned out they filed my card in the wrong file and were so happy I brought it to their attention. This little gsture really does go a long way.

  2. I think the key word is “commitment.” So many employees are leaving their place of work in search of a better environment where their dedication will be appreciated. It cannot be overstated how valuable anniversary cards are in contributing to the longevity of workers today.

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