Merry Christmas Cards vs. Happy Holidays Cards

Merry Christmas cards or Happy Holidays cards?  In recent times, this has been a difficult choice for people during the holiday season. We don’t want to offend the recipient of a card, especially when your intentions are meant to be kind and genuine to begin with.  It is a good thing to be aware of what your recipient celebrates so you can be prepared.

Happy Holidays cards are a nice choice to have because they are appropriate for any holiday celebrated during the season.  This can include Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, New Years, and many others. Some people may feel that commercialization of Christmas overshadows the holiday they celebrate, so a Happy Holidays card could really mean a lot to that special someone.

Merry Christmas cards are a great thing to have on hand as well. There are plenty of folks who feel strongly about saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays”.  These cards are even more appropriate if you know your co-workers, friends, or loved ones celebrate the holiday. If you’re heavily involved in your church or if you simply celebrate Christmas with your family every year then this is also a perfect choice to have on hand.

While I personally would be able to find more use from “Happy Holiday” cards, it really comes down to personal choice and lifestyle in the end.  There are many folks who would get more use out of Christmas cards, and that’s why it is a wonderful thing that we have both options to choose from!

Birthday Cards from the Boss Make for a Happy Office

These days everyone spends so much time at work; most of us spend more time with our co-workers than with our own families! Since we all have to be there so much, it helps when colleagues all get along well and are congenial. An extra plus is if the office is actually sometimes “fun”.  The boss is instrumental in setting the tone of the office.  A good boss recognizes that a happy office is a productive office, and so will treat employees with respect and kindness.

One way for a boss to keep happy employees and a happy office is to give employees personalized attention. Many managers use birthday cards as a way to give their employees personalized attention. Birthday cards from the Boss make employees feel valued and appreciated.  Birthday cards from the boss help to make employees feel like a family. Birthday cards from the boss also help foster a spirit of celebration in the office, and it is great to have something to celebrate at work!

An employee who gets a birthday card from the boss is bound to feel more loyal to the boss and the company, and will feel like their efforts are appreciated. Happy employees who feel personally appreciated and respected are definitely also more productive, and are more likely to talk about how great their companies are to their friends and family. This could lead to recruiting other good employees and also to gaining new customers.  More importantly, however, birthday cards from the boss just make the workplace a nicer place to go-for everyone!