Creating The Perfect Corporate Holiday Card

As a large corporation, sending out holiday cards is a nice way to show employee appreciation. Although any holiday card would be a nice gesture to receive, there should be a lot of thought involved when choosing the perfect corporate holiday card.

If you are working for a large corporation, it is likely that not all of your employees celebrate Christmas, and you should take this into consideration. Instead of a business Christmas card that explicitly says “Merry Christmas”, you can opt for a non-denominational card that reads “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”. You could also opt for the “Peace” cards which are always a crowd pleaser.

The business holiday card design you choose can be a reflection of your company. There are holiday cards that are elegant and classy, cute and cheeky, or picturesque and classic. From beautiful, snow-covered landscapes to a gang of cute cartoon penguins, there is sure to be a card that is the perfect fit for your company. You can also choose to use your own photo and create a custom card if you already have a vision of what you would like your cards to look like.

The holiday card design is equally as important as what is written on the inside of the card. As a corporation, you can take this opportunity to thank your employees for everything they have done over the past year. You can also wish them a happy holiday season on the company’s behalf. Adding signatures to your holiday card can be a nice way to give them a personal touch. You can choose to have your signatures added, or you can take the time to sign each card personally. Having your signatures printed on the holiday card can save you time if you’re planning on sending hundreds.

Don’t wait until December rolls around to start thinking about your annual holiday cards! Start your planning today. Taking the time to put thought into your cards is something that your employees are sure to appreciate this year.

Let’s Discuss Company Christmas Card Etiquette

One of my most favorite parts of the holiday season is sending Christmas cards to all my customers, family and friends.  The thing is when sending company Christmas cards there is a certain etiquette that must be followed.  Not only do you want to share your well wishes but you also want to make a statement and be remembered.

My first rule is to get them out before anyone else.  I want my card to stand out above the rest.  Sometimes waiting too long means your well-meaning gesture get lost in the mix of every other card.

Although I celebrate Christmas, I want to avoid offending anyone.  If I am unsure of their belief, I send Season’s Greetings or Happy Holiday verses instead of Merry Christmas.

The third rule of etiquette for sending company Christmas cards is to always, and I mean always, include your return address.  Not only is it important for your recipient to have your address, it is important to know if one of your customers or potential customers has relocated.  By adding your return address to the envelope, the post office will return the undeliverable card to you so you.

My last rule but of significant importance is to include a brief hand written note.   This shows that you really care and that you believe in the personal touch.   

Sending company Christmas cards is a great way to leave a lasting impression.  Just be sure to make it a good impression by following certain rules of etiquette.

Merry Christmas Cards vs. Happy Holidays Cards

Merry Christmas cards or Happy Holidays cards?  In recent times, this has been a difficult choice for people during the holiday season. We don’t want to offend the recipient of a card, especially when your intentions are meant to be kind and genuine to begin with.  It is a good thing to be aware of what your recipient celebrates so you can be prepared.

Happy Holidays cards are a nice choice to have because they are appropriate for any holiday celebrated during the season.  This can include Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, New Years, and many others. Some people may feel that commercialization of Christmas overshadows the holiday they celebrate, so a Happy Holidays card could really mean a lot to that special someone.

Merry Christmas cards are a great thing to have on hand as well. There are plenty of folks who feel strongly about saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays”.  These cards are even more appropriate if you know your co-workers, friends, or loved ones celebrate the holiday. If you’re heavily involved in your church or if you simply celebrate Christmas with your family every year then this is also a perfect choice to have on hand.

While I personally would be able to find more use from “Happy Holiday” cards, it really comes down to personal choice and lifestyle in the end.  There are many folks who would get more use out of Christmas cards, and that’s why it is a wonderful thing that we have both options to choose from!

Greeting Cards Highlight – Merry Christmas Cards

I am not a fan of the over-commercialization of modern day Christmas with its emphasis on shopping and gifts. However my search for Merry Christmas cards to send to family and friends has brought back fond memories of simpler times. I have narrowed my choices to these five designs due to the warm fuzzy feelings they have evoked from years gone by…

Christmas Cookies Holiday Card

Holy Infant Christmas Card reminds me of the true meaning of the holiday- the birth of Jesus Christ. As a 3rd grader in Sunday school, I was chosen to be the narrator in the church Christmas play. Dressed as the Star of Bethlehem, I recited the story of Jesus’ birth from verses memorized from the Bible.

Candlelit Merry Christmas Tree is an enchanting fir tree decorated with glowing candles, glimmering silvery ornaments, pine cones and red berries set against a beautiful star- filled night sky. Its peaceful feeling makes me feel the beauty of this captivating season.

Christmas Cookies Holiday Card  brings back the delicious sugary smells emanating from Mom’s kitchen when she was baking the holiday cookies. She would let me stir the batter, spread the frosting, and add the red and green sprinkles once the cookies were cooled.

Country Bridge Christmas Card recalls many trips to ski country growing up in New England over Christmas school vacations. The snow was pristine, the distant landscape mountainous and the ride through the New Hampshire wooden bridge was bumpy and loud.

Cupcake Christmas Card is the ultimate best present ever! A tree that grows cupcakes surrounded by swirling snowflakes and peppermint candies. What more could my sweet tooth ask for- yum!

Merry Christmas Cards Help Make the Season Bright

Every year the vast majority of us struggle to find the perfect Christmas cards to send out for the holidays. It can be a difficult decision. I personally like to send out Merry Christmas cards to all of the people on my holiday card list.

Personalized Christmas cards should be reflective of the person or company that is sending them. I am a Merry Christmas person all the way. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I sing Christmas carols. I think it’s great to send out cards that show people what you celebrate, and that you are also wishing them a merry and joyous time of year.

Season’s Greetings cards are very popular, and I certainly understand why. They cover all the bases for your holiday needs. The holiday season truly is for everyone, no matter what you celebrate. It’s all about the joy and the spirit of the season…whether you celebrate Christmas, or Hanukkah, or just enjoy the general feeling of the time of year. But don’t be afraid to send a specific card. It’s the meaning of your Christmas cards that is the most important thing this time of year.

If you celebrate Christmas you can share that with everyone. Even if people don’t celebrate the same holiday, the shared spirit of goodwill is apparent in your Christmas cards and the thought that you put in to sending them. I certainly don’t mind getting cards from people of all different faiths and beliefs. I’m pleased that friends and co-workers have thought of me during the holidays and wish me well. Every card I receive is a Christmas card to me. The joy I get in both giving and receiving cards is immeasurable.

So next time you are considering what to do for your personalized Christmas cards, feel free to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Design #688CX – Merry Christmas Sleigh Bells

Sending and receiving Merry Christmas cards is a special tradition that can bring back childhood memories that trigger the sounds of the season. Sleigh bells are one of those happy sounds that are synonymous with the holiday season. Many carols have bells in the lyrics or use bells as one of the instruments in the background. The bells on design #688CX, Merry Christmas Sleigh Bells Card, are good enough to hang on a one horse open sleigh! Six gold bells hang from a luxurious red ribbon. The embossed detail on buff card stock gives this design a rich quality that will catch your eye and delight the recipient. Gold foil or red ink will make the greeting and personalization on the inside match the color scheme on the front.

Design #688CX - Merry Christmas Sleigh Bells Card
Design #688CX - Merry Christmas Sleigh Bells Card

Just looking at the beautiful bells on this card can bring back warm memories of Christmases past. It’s a good feeling you’ll want to share with everyone!

Merry Christmas Cards that Evoke Feelings of Holiday Warmth

Design #683CX, Fireside Greetings Merry Christmas Card, is an understated Merry Christmas cards design. It is done on cream colored stock with the appearance of water colors. The fireplace mantle is topped with lit candles and a pine garland with small holly berries. The front of the fireplace is donned with well placed red and green stockings waiting to be filled with goodies and a pine wreath with a large red bow. The fire is glowing inside the fireplace giving off a feeling of holiday warmth. Each design element is further outlined in gold foil, which makes them stand out nicely. Fireplaces are the center of the living room, or any room for that matter, and as such they draw families around. Can’t you just picture a lit fireplace with the family all around opening their presents on Christmas morning? Now there is a perfect holiday picture.

Design #683CX - Fireside Greetings Merry Christmas Card
Design #683CX - Fireside Greetings
Merry Christmas Card

Design #517CW, Frosted Pinecones Merry Christmas Card, is a very bold design done on white shiny paper stock. The image looks so real that it appears more like a photograph than a painting. The design features a close up shot of a pine tree accompanied by a red ball ornament and tufts of snow.

Design #517CW - Frosted Pinecones Merry Christmas Card
Design #517CW - Frosted Pinecones
Merry Christmas Card

I really love this Christmas card. You can’t look at it without thinking of the holidays. When looking at this design, it reminds me of holiday trips my family use to take to pick out our Christmas tree. My brother and I would run through the pine tree farm looking for just the right one. When we found it my father would take a shovel and dig out the tree. It was usually covered in snow and was still bearing its beautiful pine cones. The scent of pine would waft through the rooms making the house smell wonderful. After the holidays, we would plant our tree somewhere in the yard.

Merry Christmas Cards with Peppermints and Evergreen Branches

Over the last few years, I have noticed a growing trend amongst Christmas cards companies. For quite a long time, everything seemed to be very neutral. Nothing was used that would imply a specific holiday. It was all very PC…but that seems to be changing.

Design #147CX - A Peppermint Christmas Card
Design #147CX - A Peppermint Christmas Card

I recently went through The Gallery Collection catalog looking for Merry Christmas cards and found quite a large selection of cards that actually wish people a “Merry Christmas.” One of the designs I particularly liked is design #147CX, A Peppermint Christmas Card. Not only does it have a very beautiful Christmas tree, but it’s all decorated with striped peppermint candies and topped off with two candy canes crisscrossed with a bow. Another design that really appealed to me is design #131CX, Glistening Evergreen Branches Christmas Card. This is a very classic design with its sparkly pine tree branches accompanied by the sentiment “Merry Christmas” scrolled beneath.

Design #131CX - Glistening Evergreen Branches Christmas Card
Design #131CX - Glistening Evergreen Branches Christmas Card

I was very impressed by all the designs that were featured in this catalog, but was really happy about the increase in designs featuring “Merry Christmas” sentiments. Not only were the designs beautiful, but the greeting selection was great. I know that companies try to be very sensitive about not offending anyone by mentioning a specific holiday, but it’s quite nice for those of us who do celebrate Christmas to have such a great selection to choose from. Keep up the good work, Gallery Collection!

Christmas Cards or Holiday Cards? Decisions! Decisions!

A well-meaning office faces a quandary: send clients best wishes for the holidays and appreciation for their business all year with good old-fashioned Christmas cards. Or expand the warmth and gratitude in greeting cards that say “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” instead, to show respect for the culture of each of its customers.

It’s tempting either way. Christmas evokes tradition, comfort, and the times when we lived so similarly to our neighbors and the folks at the office.  The Christian faith, the feasts, the gift-giving, and the colorful decorations – these make Christmas a special and irreplaceable time of year for everyone who celebrates it.  Christmas cards have been part and parcel of the season for over 150 years. Can you imagine a year where you saw not a single Christmas card all December?  Christmas cards for the Christmas holiday…of course!

When all or most of your clients celebrate Christmas, the choice to send business Christmas cards is easy.  However, a growing percentage of today’s workforce and clientele observe something other than Christmas in the fall and winter:  Diwali, Hanukkah, the New Year, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and Eid al-Fitr, to name but a few.  The globalization of our world can be reflected in holiday cards.  While it would be difficult to identify every holiday in a single greeting card, it’s easy and thoughtful to leave the holiday open with a seasonal, non-religious sentiment inside of your greeting cards that lets your recipients know you wish them well, regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliations.

Holiday cards that refer to the “Holidays” or the “Season” give you greater latitude when winter greetings are appropriate and the holidays being celebrated by your recipients vary.  Nevertheless, whether you send Merry Christmas cards or greeting cards that wish Peace on Earth, Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings, any holiday cards you send will surely be appreciated.