When to Send Out Holiday Party Invitations

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is essential for the sake of your meticulously planned parties to know when to send out the invites. Whether you are planning a delicious family meal for Thanksgiving or a warm cheerful evening full of presents and caroling for Christmas, you need to make sure that all your loved ones attend.

So… how can you make sure everyone on your guest list can make it to the big celebration? When is the right time to send out your holiday party invitations??

From personal experience, you have to have a balance in the timing of your invitations giveaway, since you don’t want to be so early that your guest forget about your party later on nor so close to the date of the party (too late) that your guests already have other plans for the holidays.

I highly recommend your holiday party invitations to be sent out 6 – 8 weeks prior to the party. This way, everybody that has received your invitations will have enough time to put your event in their calendars.

Now… please don’t forget that the timing of your holiday party invitations is not the most important thing. In fact the most important aspect of your party process is HOW YOUR INVITATIONS LOOK!

An invitation could easily tell your guests what type of party you’ll be having and it can serve as a very crucial factor to captivate their interest in going. For instance, people tend to receive tons of invitations to New Years Eve celebrations; BUT if they receive yours and they see that it is impeccable and beautiful and fun, they will without a doubt assume that your party will be just as amazing.

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