When to Send Out Holiday Party Invitations

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is essential for the sake of your meticulously planned parties to know when to send out the invites. Whether you are planning a delicious family meal for Thanksgiving or a warm cheerful evening full of presents and caroling for Christmas, you need to make sure that all your loved ones attend.

So… how can you make sure everyone on your guest list can make it to the big celebration? When is the right time to send out your holiday party invitations??

From personal experience, you have to have a balance in the timing of your invitations giveaway, since you don’t want to be so early that your guest forget about your party later on nor so close to the date of the party (too late) that your guests already have other plans for the holidays.

I highly recommend your holiday party invitations to be sent out 6 – 8 weeks prior to the party. This way, everybody that has received your invitations will have enough time to put your event in their calendars.

Now… please don’t forget that the timing of your holiday party invitations is not the most important thing. In fact the most important aspect of your party process is HOW YOUR INVITATIONS LOOK!

An invitation could easily tell your guests what type of party you’ll be having and it can serve as a very crucial factor to captivate their interest in going. For instance, people tend to receive tons of invitations to New Years Eve celebrations; BUT if they receive yours and they see that it is impeccable and beautiful and fun, they will without a doubt assume that your party will be just as amazing.

Make sure that every single one of your guests chooses your party over any other holiday party they have been invited to. Visit www.gallerycollection.com or www.cherishables.com and let your imagination run wild! Their holiday cards and invitations will be your secret weapon to make sure that your party is as anticipated as Christmas presents!

7 thoughts on “When to Send Out Holiday Party Invitations”

  1. I agree with sending your invitations out 6-8 weeks early to give people enough time to make plans but I don’t think that if you send out a nice invitation that will make a person or group of people come to your party. It can be as nice and elegant as ever and the party could still not be fun or people wouldn’t show up for whatever reason.

  2. Your invitation really does set the tone for what your guests can expect at your party – be it elegance, formality, relaxed fun, silliness, etc. When to send your invitations out is definitely key to having a successful turnout; however when it comes to the holidays, there are so many parties and events packed into a few short weeks, that people usually receive multiple party invitations for the same date. I am sure they find themselves simply having to make a choice. Sometimes that choice will be based on the relationship they have with the Host versus that of the other invitations they receive, sometimes on the venue or on other factors. All you can really do is pick the best invitation you can find and send them out early enough to get top consideration!

  3. As much as I attempted to not agree with the authors point:
    “An invitation could easily tell your guests what type of party you’ll be having and it can serve as a very crucial factor to captivate their interest in going.”
    Its kind of hard to not acknowledge the fact that most people base an experience on its presentation. With that said, I received multiple Halloween party invitations, and one in particular stood out. The candidate’s card that caught my attention, consisted of using theme related text and pictures of the actual environment of the event. It was creepy, and dark and lit with backlights, it made me see my idea of what Halloween was meant to be. The most important thing for a holiday party is in fact the invitation!

  4. I think 4-6 weeks is a good amount of time because you don’t want to send them too early. Invitations are helpful to know how many people to expect so that you can plan ahead and not be surprised.

  5. I disagree. I think if you send them more than 4 weeks in advance people will forget. However, the invitation does make a difference for me. If the invite looks dull, then I probably won’t go because I could accept someone else’s invite if their function looks like it would be more fun.

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