More Customer Reviews of Gallery Collection Greeting Cards – Wow!

Personalized Christmas cards are our business.  We take great pride in providing a quality product to our customers. From the time an order is taken and each step it goes through in between, we take great care to ensure that the product that we ship out is of the highest quality.  Every person that handles an order truly cares about the end result.

We also offer All Occasion Greeting cards. No matter what type of card you are looking to purchase, we will do our best to make sure that our customers get a great quality product in the timeliest manner possible.

Once the order leaves our facility, we don’t always get to hear or see our customers’ reaction. Getting to see reviews such as the ones shown below lets us know that the time and effort that we put forth is well worth it.

5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jul-06-2011

“My experience with the Gallery collection has been exceptional. My order was shipped very quickly and the item itself is of very good quality. There were no errors on my selection and I will be ordering from them again. Thank you so much for providing exceptional service. ”

Gallery Collection – Thank you! We are happy that you had a great experience. We look forward to serving you again!
5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jul-05-2011

“It was easy to order online. We received the cards in great condition within 4 business days. Just as we ordered. Excellent turn around time even with a holiday weekend inbetween. The cards are of very nice card stock and very good quality. This nice of a quality card can make a wonderful impression.”

Gallery Collection – Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly working on improving our website and are glad to hear that you found it easy to order. We work very hard to ensure that our customers get our high quality product in a timely fashion.
5 out of 5 stars
Posted Jun-28-2011

“This is the sixth year we have purchased our Christmas cards from the Gallery Collection. The cards are beautiful. The paper stock is first class. The service and delivery are excellent. Of all the catalogs we receive, the Gallery Collection offers the best value for our money.”

Gallery Collection – Thank you for being a loyal customer and for putting your trust in us for six years. We appreciate your comments and are glad that we have been able to provide you with the quality and service that you have come to expect. We hope to serve you for many years to come!

12 thoughts on “More Customer Reviews of Gallery Collection Greeting Cards – Wow!”

  1. I am glad to see that other customers have had a great experience with the Gallery Collection cards. My company ordered them for the first time last year and we got such a great response from our customers about the cards that, although budgets are a little tighter this year, we are going to order again. Thanks for the great product and great customer service!

  2. I went through more of your reviews on that site. They are excellent across the board. That’s pretty cool, and something to be proud of.

  3. I absolutely love the quality of cards from The Gallery Collection! I ordered personalized birthday cards and must say my customers adore them. These are not your average type card, they are elegant yet affordable.

  4. Last year for the first time I sent out personalized Christmas cards from The Gallery Collection. Everyone was so impressed with the quality of the cards. Now when my family needs a birthday card, instead of going to the store, they look to me. I think its time to order a birthday assortment box. This way there’s sure to be something for everyone.

  5. I’ve ordered from other sites and wasn’t very happy with my cards so when I came across The Gallery Collection I wasn’t too sure I wanted to try again so I first requested samples and they were beautiful! I ordered immediately and I have been a customer for over 5 years now.

  6. I appreciate a personalize birthday card from my boss. It show I am important and my contribution matters.

  7. I’ve read nothing but great reviews from the Gallery Collection. You really can’t beat this quality . It’s definitely top notch.

  8. Do you still have the Christmas card called, “Madonna Of The Grapes?”
    My husband died last year and he had picked out the above card because he liked it so much.
    Thank you!

    I want to buy 100 of them this year.
    Frances Kalapodis

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