The Best Looking Business Birthday Cards Hands Down!

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My friend owns an insurance company and was looking for some really nice business birthday cards that he could personalize and send out to his clients as well as give to his coworkers. Through a Google search, he came across the company I work for, The Gallery Collection. Our bright and colorful birthday cards were very appealing to him, so he ordered two samples – design #088AY, Hats Off to You Birthday Card, and #121AE, Birthday Favorite Card – so he could have the chance to see them close up and make a decision between those cards and other samples he had ordered from other companies. When the envelope arrived in the mail, he opened it up and could not believe what he saw. Both designs were more stunning than any other birthday cards he had ever seen!

Design #088AY Hats Off to You Birthday Card

Design #088AY Hats Off to You Birthday Card

Hats Off to You Birthday Card, a very clean-looking buff-colored card on matte stock, features bright and colorful embossed birthday hats that are surrounded by beautiful gold foil stars and streamers. The words “Happy Birthday” are printed in gold as well in a really nice cursive script. The other design, Birthday Favorite Card, is a white card on shiny stock that depicts a birthday cake on a plate with a piece cut out of it. Swirly ribbons with candy confetti in pastel colors on and around the cake as well as tiny speckles of silver foil highlight this particular birthday card, whose detail is absolutely striking.

Design #121AE Birthday Favorite Card

Design #121AE Birthday Favorite Card

Not being able to pick only one, he decided to order both designs with his company logo imprinted at the bottom on the inside of each design. Needless to say, his business associates were very pleased when they received their birthday cards that year.

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