Business Birthday Cards and the Ripple Effect

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We all realize that businesses are trying to save money now more than ever. With that being said, we must also find ways to bring some joy to the customers and workforces that are hanging in there with us and working for a better tomorrow.

Sending business birthday cards is one way to celebrate with business associates and employees that won’t break the bank. Everyone loves being remembered and respected. Whether a million dollar client, a young growing client, your CEO, or the high school kid in the mailroom is the recipient of the birthday card, your business will have earned the reputation of one that really cares.

The ripple effect of simple gestures like sending birthday cards is incalculable. Having worked for companies that did and companies that didn’t send business birthday cards, I do have a point of view on the subject. The difference it makes is in the subtle lift in the attitude of how you or your company is perceived by the recipient. As with all good gestures, the other benefit is that it also makes the sender feel good.

Your business birthday cards will help your business, but making sure they are green will help the world. Why not make a good thing better by ensuring that your purchase is from a company that is looking toward the future. In this day and age, most people do turn the card over to see if it is made with environmental awareness. Broaden your benevolence by including the saving of our planet.

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