4 Reasons We Love Birthday Cards

  • They’re personal – There are thousands upon thousands of different card designs to choose from. Do they adore teacup pigs? Do they have an obsession with motorcycles? Would they appreciate something funny, or something more serious? There is nothing better than picking up a card and knowing “This is the one, they’re going to love this!” Just like finding the perfect gift, finding the perfect card can be just as satisfying.
  • They’re thoughtful – If you are a business owner and you want to make your employees feel valued, a birthday card is an excellent way to do so. Taking the time to wish someone well on their special day shows that you care about your employees and their lives beyond work. Asking other employees to sign a birthday card is also a good way to foster better employee relations in the workplace.
  • They’re Sentimental –How often do you let people know what they really mean to you? Birthday cards are an excellent way to express how you really feel about someone. It is their special day, so there is no need to hold back – tell them about how much you appreciate them always being there for you, or how there is no one else you’d rather duo “Don’t Stop Believing” with at karaoke night. You can write something deep and heartfelt or include a couple of inside jokes while taking a stroll down memory lane.
  • They’re Lasting – Long after the confetti has settled and the gift cards have been spent, what will remain? The beloved birthday card! The same kind words that make someone feel special today will give that person the same feeling when they stumble upon the card years later. People never forget the way that you make them feel. Out of all of the gifts that you could choose to give someone, the birthday card is the one gift that will last forever.

5 thoughts on “4 Reasons We Love Birthday Cards”

  1. It’s funny but I never seem to get around to tossing old b’day cards. I have some special ones that are more than 20 years old!

  2. Funny, im totally the same way lol (Adding to the comment above). I love cards in general, but I have birthday cards from over 20 years ago and still cherish them til this day.

  3. I’ve had a birthday card my son sent me on my office wall for the past five years. It’s quite surprising how such a small gesture went such a long way.

  4. So few people send cards anymore due to the electronics age we live in. I miss them! I wish more people would send them – they really brighten a person’s day and show you cared enough to take the time to pick out, fill out, and mail a card to them.

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