Assorted Birthday Cards Work For Everyone

You can never go wrong with assorted birthday cards. When you send birthday cards at a company the recipient always expects it to be the same as someone else’s card. We think things like “they wouldn’t spend all of their time personalizing something for just me.” In all actuality the thought is what truly counts. Everyday we think about how we can send out birthday cards and not be repetitive. Assorted cards are the perfect way to tackle that issue. This make employees feel special and appreciated.

I actually have my own set of bulk birthday cards to send to friends and family. I purchased this same birthday box for myself. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and scenic look of all the cards. All I have to do is slap some labels on the cards and away they go. It makes my cards sending process reasonable and affordable every year. Creativity isn’t one of my strongest suits. After getting a great deal on a box of assorted birthday cards from The Gallery Collection, I created a list of birthdays. I wrote each name from my birthday list on a post-it and stuck it to the card that represented each person best. Problem solved!

3 thoughts on “Assorted Birthday Cards Work For Everyone”

  1. I like the idea of assorted cards. The employees I send birthday cards to sit close to each other so they would notice that they all get the same card. The assortments are better for me because they offer a variety of designs.

  2. I think an assortment box is a great idea. I don’t like sending cards… But having a box full with a variety would sure make things easier.

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