Birthday Cards Offer A Way To Stay Connected To Employees

So many companies have gone global and/or allow so many employees to telecommute that it is often difficult to make everyone feel like they are all part of the same team. People work in different time zones and on very different schedules. Global companies also have different locations celebrating different holidays, so they can’t necessarily wish all of them a happy Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November! An easy way to ensure you get to wish each and every one of your employees well during the year is to send them each a birthday card. Your employees will know the company is thinking of them and it will help them feel more connected to the company. Also, employees may even appreciate receiving  birthday cards even more than they would appreciate a holiday card, as the birthday card is to celebrate their own personal special day.

Happy Birthday To You

In order to make sure you never miss an employee’s birthday (or a friend or family member’s birthday either!), keeping a box of assorted birthday cards on hand at all times. That way, you will not only always be assured of having cards in stock and won’t have to run out to the card store every other day, but you will also have a varied selection of cards to choose from. Personally selecting a card from a box of assorted birthday cards for each employee makes it even more special, as they won’t all get the same card.

Business Birthday Cards – To Bulk or Not to Bulk

Business birthday cards are a great asset to any business today. Who doesn’t like to receive a card on their birthday? You can put it on your desk or on a shelf at home. It tells the world that you are not forgotten. Somebody remembers you were born on a certain day. Whether you are a customer, client, employee or friend, being remembered makes you feel special. The question business’s have is not should you send birthday cards, but what kind should you buy. Bulk birthday cards offer you the best buy, but assortments give you variety.

Assorted Birthday Cards

Buying bulk birthday cards can save a good deal of money. When you want to personalize with the company name or logo, it makes sense to order a larger quantity of cards and get the savings. However, many businesses today are looking at a softer and more personal approach.

Assorted birthday cards will give you the option of choosing a particular card for a particular person. The variety of cards usually will have cards that are a combination of light, floral and neutral scenes. If you are sending to a man or woman you will have more of a selection. The downside of assorted birthday cards is that they usually cannot be personalized with your name or logo. You will have to sign these yourself, but that will be an even more personal touch. Since I send about twenty cards a month to clients, I like to write a little note that lends that extra personal touch.

The question to ask yourself is how many cards you will be using this year. Since you will probably be sending too many of the same people next year you will want to send a different card to them. The wise choice is to order enough for one year. Whichever route you choose for business birthday cards, will only enhance your standing among your customers.

The Subtle Advantage of Corporate Birthday Cards

Everyone knows how great it feels to be remembered on his or her birthday. Cards, gifts and well wishes make a special day even more so, and we tend to remember those who take a moment out of their day to brighten ours. But there’s a not-so-secret bonus found in the practice of sending corporate birthday cards.

Corporate Birthday Cards

When a company sends a valued client or business associate a birthday card, they’re taking advantage of a terrific opportunity to stand out from others as one that goes above and beyond. And in the same vein as sending a thank you note after an interview, it offers the chance to bring you and your business back to mind in a positive, meaningful way. It’s a physical reminder of a connection, and its presence conveys thoughtfulness, consideration and, let’s faces it, a level of class. That card becomes a visual link to your company, one that carries with it all the positive impressions you expect to be associated with your business, not to mention bringing your name to mind time and again like a not-so-subtle whisper in their ear.

Having a selection of assorted birthday cards at the ready means you’ll never miss this professionally personal opportunity to showcase your company in a positive light. It’s a small gesture that ensures yours is the name that comes to mind long after the card has been tucked away and it’s back to business.

The Magic of Business Birthday Cards

As a small business owner, I realized early on the importance of ‘the personal touch’ when it came to clients and employees alike. No one wants to feel like a number or a cog, and it was when I approached every connection on a more individual level that I saw the most amazing things happen. Remembering a child’s name or asking after a spouse (and paying attention to the reply!) goes a long way towards building a strong, loyal relationship. But the most positive reaction was always in response to receiving business birthday cards. It seems simple, but this outwardly small gesture always had the biggest impact. I could see the sense of worth and importance in their eyes as an employee would read the slew of well-wishes from co-workers, knowing they were valued and, let’s face it, well-liked. And I could hear in the voice of a client their genuine appreciation at being remembered on their birthday, knowing that time was taken out of a busy business day to make sure they knew the relationship was an important one. In the space of a short, meaningful birthday wish, a wealth of value and gratitude was shared.

Business Birthday Cards
I always keep a box of assorted birthday cards on hand and keep careful tabs on upcoming birthdays for all of my employees and clients. It doesn’t take long to pick the perfect card, and this personal, thoughtful gesture can flourish into an enthusiastic, dedicated staff, committed clients and a highly regarded business.

An Assorted Birthday Cards Bonanza

I’m not talking about that crazy TV western that spanned the 60s and 70s starring Lorne Greene, Michael Landon and Pernell Roberts. (By the way, did you know that Bonanza is the second longest running western series of all time? You’ll have to go look up what number one is, or perhaps you’ve already guessed it.) I’m talking about birthday cards. The Gallery Collection has so many birthday designs that it is a literal bonanza of cards. Offering everything you can imagine…balloons, cupcakes, presents, corporate cards that highlight your company name and so much more.

Assorted Birthday Cards

You can’t go wrong keeping assorted birthday cards on hand. The assortment gives you everything you need to stay on top of all the family, friend and office birthdays that you want to be sure to celebrate. Nothing makes a person feel more special than receiving a birthday card. They may say they don’t want any fuss or muss on their birthday but deep down, it gives them a warm fuzzy feeling to know that you thought of them on the anniversary of their birth. So be sure to pick out your favorite amongst the bonanza of birthday cards available. You’ll be sure to find something you like as much as that western TV show that so many of us enjoyed growing up. Whoops, I think I may have just inadvertently revealed my age!

Assorted Birthday Cards Show Employee Appreciation

Working as an office administrator in a small office I am always coming up with new ways of showing appreciation to our employees. This is a little easier to do than working with a larger office because of the number of employees and costs. Here is my tip on birthdays and birthday cards for cozier offices. If you work in a small office like me assorted birthday cards are a better alternative than getting a “one size fits all” card and this is why. We all know that time when a birthday card gets passed around the office because a co-workers birthday is coming up soon. Now imagine signing the same exact card 10+ times. By the time your birthday comes along you would probably already know what card you’re going to get and that’s no fun! Well ordering bulk birthday cards was the solution!

We all appreciate it when it’s our birthday and we get a different card then what we signed for Bill’s or Jane’s birthday. The surprise element really adds a nice touch to an office birthday. I found the perfect assortment from the Gallery Collection. They don’t sacrifice quality for costs and the cards are beautiful! If you are an office admin please take this tip and get your birthday cards today. Trust me, you will thank me later!

Assorted Birthday Cards Work For Everyone

You can never go wrong with assorted birthday cards. When you send birthday cards at a company the recipient always expects it to be the same as someone else’s card. We think things like “they wouldn’t spend all of their time personalizing something for just me.” In all actuality the thought is what truly counts. Everyday we think about how we can send out birthday cards and not be repetitive. Assorted cards are the perfect way to tackle that issue. This make employees feel special and appreciated.

I actually have my own set of bulk birthday cards to send to friends and family. I purchased this same birthday box for myself. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and scenic look of all the cards. All I have to do is slap some labels on the cards and away they go. It makes my cards sending process reasonable and affordable every year. Creativity isn’t one of my strongest suits. After getting a great deal on a box of assorted birthday cards from The Gallery Collection, I created a list of birthdays. I wrote each name from my birthday list on a post-it and stuck it to the card that represented each person best. Problem solved!

Keeping the Tradition of Birthday Cards Alive

Need to talk? Send an email! Not sure how to spell a word? Spell check! Ah, the wonderful age of technology. Now don’t get me wrong – we have come a long way with the help of computers and other digital gadgets. But where does it end? Is it possible we are using technology a little too much these days? It’s sad that even a simple practice like sending birthday cards is slowly diminishing. I recently received an automated email (the kind you cannot reply to) wishing me a happy birthday from one of my business associates. How impersonal!

While I can’t stop the rapidly-changing world we live in, I can pick and choose the traditions I’d like to preserve. I pride myself on the fact that I still send high-quality birthday cards to my employees, family and friends. Besides, it’s quite an enjoyable process. At the beginning of each year, I buy a box of assorted birthday cards from The Gallery Collection and keep them at my office. As birthdays roll around, I pull out the box from my drawer and select the perfect design (this is my favorite part). After jotting a note inside, I hand-address the envelope, slap on a stamp and off it goes. The responses I get are overwhelming! I think it reminds everyone that a touch of humanity every now and then is still very much needed and appreciated.

Saving That Trip to the Store for Assorted Birthday Cards

I work as an assistant to the Regional Manager of a large retail chain. I’ve been doing this job for a number of years and part of that job is to make a trip to the local card store to pick up a few birthday cards for my boss to send to employees. While this is not a particularly big deal, it just got to the point where I said “There has to be an easier way”. I started my search on the internet and found a card company called The Gallery Collection that sold an assortment box of birthday cards. The box contained 35 assorted birthday cards and 38 envelopes, with several different designs and greetings. To make a long story short, I ordered, I liked, I used!

Since I was on a roll, I pointed out to my boss that he could place an order for business birthday cards that could be sent to clients. He didn’t need much persuasion. I called and requested a few samples to choose from and he was definitely impressed with the quality of the cards. Once the decision was made about the design and a greeting was selected, I went online and placed the order. The process was so simple that again, I ordered, he liked, he used!

Assorted Birthday Cards – Your New Best Friend!

As a small business owner, I strive to show my appreciation to each of my employees. I expect them to work hard, but they know that I truly care about them. One way that I show my appreciation is by giving each employee a card on their birthday. I recently purchased a box of assorted birthday cards from The Gallery Collection, making this aspect of my job so much easier!

Gone are the days of finding out at the last minute that an employee has a birthday coming up, running to the store, and struggling to find a card that is professional yet warm, and aesthetically pleasing. The Gallery Collection offers beautiful birthday card boxes with a fabulous variety of designs and sentiments printed inside. Now when I learn that an employee has a birthday, I simply reach into my desk and pull out my birthday card box. I’m proud to sign my name on these beautiful, high-quality cards, and I can see the delight in my employees’ faces when they receive one.

If you’re a business owner who is looking for a small gesture to let your employees know that you appreciate them, I highly recommend purchasing a box of assorted birthday cards from The Gallery Collection.