Bulk Birthday Cards For When I Wish I Had Some Available

Have you ever been in the position when it was someone’s birthday in the office and you were unaware of it?  Well, I have, and you get that awkward feeling of not having a card to give the person you work with as a small token of celebrating their special day.  Luckily my business associate had some bulk birthday cards on hand.  I found the perfect card to give my co-worker and I felt so relieved that this gorgeous, colorful card saved the day for me.  It was a tough decision to make, but I couldn’t go wrong with the one I did choose.

When I was looking through her cards each one was brighter and cheerier than the next.  The foil colors were radiant and full of luster.  The designs were raised giving it a 3-D effect.  The quality of these birthday cards are the best I’ve seen yet.

In this selection of cards that my co-worker had I found some beautiful assorted birthday cards. And I learned a valuable lesson. It’s always good to have cards on hand!

4 thoughts on “Bulk Birthday Cards For When I Wish I Had Some Available”

  1. As a person who always likes to be prepared, this is one of the simplist things you can do. I always have a plethora of cards in my credenza for those unexpected occasions. I have saved the day many times…

  2. I am a card fanatic, I always have cards on hand the problem is that everyone know it. So the last time I bought an assorment box of cards I bought an exrta box for those forgetful people and asked for donations

  3. We always keep a box of assorted cards here at work. Everyone knows where it is if they ever need a spontaneous thank you or Get Well. Next time we’ll have to order two because we go through them before you know it.

  4. Having cards on hand is always the way to go. Its something so simple yet it means so much.

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