Business Birthday Cards – To Bulk or Not to Bulk

Business birthday cards are a great asset to any business today. Who doesn’t like to receive a card on their birthday? You can put it on your desk or on a shelf at home. It tells the world that you are not forgotten. Somebody remembers you were born on a certain day. Whether you are a customer, client, employee or friend, being remembered makes you feel special. The question business’s have is not should you send birthday cards, but what kind should you buy. Bulk birthday cards offer you the best buy, but assortments give you variety.

Assorted Birthday Cards

Buying bulk birthday cards can save a good deal of money. When you want to personalize with the company name or logo, it makes sense to order a larger quantity of cards and get the savings. However, many businesses today are looking at a softer and more personal approach.

Assorted birthday cards will give you the option of choosing a particular card for a particular person. The variety of cards usually will have cards that are a combination of light, floral and neutral scenes. If you are sending to a man or woman you will have more of a selection. The downside of assorted birthday cards is that they usually cannot be personalized with your name or logo. You will have to sign these yourself, but that will be an even more personal touch. Since I send about twenty cards a month to clients, I like to write a little note that lends that extra personal touch.

The question to ask yourself is how many cards you will be using this year. Since you will probably be sending too many of the same people next year you will want to send a different card to them. The wise choice is to order enough for one year. Whichever route you choose for business birthday cards, will only enhance your standing among your customers.

7 thoughts on “Business Birthday Cards – To Bulk or Not to Bulk”

  1. It’s a great feeling when the people you work for remember your birthday. I think going with the assortment boxes is a great idea, because each person will feel even more special when he receives a different card than his neighbor.

  2. Getting a birthday card from your employer can be a nice reminder that they value you as an employee. With the economy like it is I can understand why companies would buy cards in bulk. It not only saves them money, but buying in bulk also saves them time because chances are they won’t have to spend time personalizing each card.

  3. Who doesn’t love an assortment, right?!? That’s how I like my chocolates and my socks, so it only makes sense to have a mixture of cards on hand, because I send a lot of them. Plus it’s a lot cheaper to buy them grouped this way than individually at the card store. Good to know.

  4. This isn’t exactly something I gave a lot of thought to before – there’s a conversation for everything under the sun it seems! Anyway, you make some good points about saving money and time by buying something like this “in bulk” and I’m more inclined to suggest this to my office, since we’re always scrounging for cards to give to co-workers at birthday time, when there’s a death in the family, etc., etc.

  5. I like the idea of bulk so the cards can have a personalized imprint but if you are going to use them for your own company, an assortment box is the way to go. If everyone in the company received the same card it would seem as if it were a chore than a happy wish

  6. I love the idea of having an assortment of cards on hand. You never have to worry about forgetting to pick one up. I prefer the ones not imprinted for employees as I think they are more personal. Receiving a birthday card from someone can never be a bad thing!

  7. I personally keep an assortment of cards for year round use, like birthday cards and thank you cards, so I love this idea! Its easy to find an occasion to use these for when they are purchased in bulk since you can keep them on hand for quite a while.

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