Business Birthday Cards Keeps Business Moving

What if you could lift up the spirit of clients, contacts, and employees in one fell swoop? Of course, in today’s economy your first question is going to be, “How much is this going to cost?” Naturally, you will have to take that into consideration, but let’s look at the big picture first.

Recognition is a valuable tool in promoting lasting relationships. Acknowledging someone’s birthday by sending them birthday cards is a positive and inexpensive way to show their importance to you. I started to send business birthday cards to clients and employees when I received one from a vendor who had unsuccessfully met with me the week before my birthday, to try his stationery supply company.

He wrote inside the card, “I checked your horoscope for your birthday, and it advised you that things would be stationary in your life for a while. Since stationery is in my life for a while, I thought you might feel a kinship, and try our stationery for your office.” He added a post script, “We offer a special discount for Birthdays!”

The card gave me a chuckle, and reminded me of the terrific salesman who had sent it. While I didn’t order from him immediately, there did come a time when my supplier let me down, and the first vendor I called was my business birthday cards sender. His humor and friendly persistence won me over.

Naturally, every card will not elicit such a success story. The point is that people appreciate thoughtfulness in any form. You never know how one small gesture may keep your business moving along.

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